Saturday, November 2, 2019

South India - Madurai/Trichy (Nava K Explored)

How's the going been so far? Pretty much. Interesting and exciting. Of course, there's room, mind you, of course for bitching. Bitching about those things that didn't take off promisingly or didn't fall in place as expected. Still, in all fairness, I must credit this South India tour travelling of mine. Now, what about, the characters I have been travelling alongside so far? Aha! You meet all sort of characters in life, likewise, in a tour. The ones you can click with, the ones who can get on your nerves, the ones who love to complain for no apparent reason, the ones who think they are the smartest in the world and who not. Then again. Even when family travelling together or best buddies travelling together? I know. There will always be bitchy bitches bitchiness? Or males like pussycats, or pussy in boots? Unless, of course if you solo travel? Which by the way is my traveling call as well. But. South Indian solo me? Noooo!! I didn't dare and I won't dare as well in the future. The reason why I hopped into this tour (Mysore/Coimbatore & Bangalore).

Right on. After the standard usual South Indian breakfast in Kodaikanal (South India Kodaikanal)? 
Our next destination? Madurai. Give in and take, almost 4 hours plus drive and the start in Madurai. Meenakshi Amman Temple. Oh-Boy! Madness. Holiness madness. No phone and no camera, which by the way, you can leave at the same booth where you keep your slippers/shoes and for which, please bring out your money. Yea. Everything in South Indian temples is about paying. Including for the express lane for speeding up, reaching out to god. What about us in Meenakshi Amman Temple? Initially, we thought we shouldn't.  As a mark of respect to holiness. Yet. After 45 minutes standing in the spilling till the road queue? Pay. Just pay. Still, it took us at least 1 1/2 hours and when it came to seeking blessings from Meenakshi Amman? Less than few minutes. Before you are forcefully pushed out by the police. Outside the main altar though. Tolerable. You get your breather to breathing, away from the heat, as well as, like, forced to smell those smelly armpits, hair oil and what not smelly. Whatever said, its all worth the trouble. Worth literally battling for. For Meenakshi Amman and her strong vibes. Even for someone like me who is not the most holiness grain. When you look at Meenakshi Amman. Oooooo! Hair standing vibes. Honestly. It took me a while to regain my composure after seeing her. The almighty powerful Meenakshi Amman. She will, mind you, she will, rock hard your inner feelings,  Believe me! 

Out of Meenakshi Amman Temple in the blistering weather which, duh, literally blistered or tore our feet apart, as we walked to the slipper/shoes booth, and where we hopped into the van before hungrily arriving in Amma Mess (Alagar Kovil Main Road). As it is. Already past 2pm and waiting time. Due to maximum number of customers. Before securing a table and before being served. How did lunch go? Chicken Lollipop and Kudal Kulambu/Goad Intestine Curry, alongside banana leaf lunch. Wow! Not bad. Though, the rest who opted for just vegetarian banana leaf lunch? They. They sulked. Huh!

Up next. The next holiness of ours. Tiruparankundram Murugan Temple. We walking into this, a temple amongst the 6 temples of Lord Murugan, known as Arupadaiveedu, and? Patience please by waiting for temple to be opened at 4pm. An hour plus killed at the street, whilst in between, also sipping into Bru Coffee at one of the road side stalls, thereafter, in the queue amongst, if not all, at least some ruthless South Indians. Even the old as cows ones? The ruthless sinful holy people who will ruthlessly push their way through and slyly cut queue. Me? By this day, I became ruthless Nava K too. No. I just wouldn't give way. In between the 45 minutes in queue, prior to reaching the main altar for praying and of course, before shoved by the police to move. No heart feelings though to Lord Murugan in Tiruparankundram Murugan Temple. Why blame him when such is the crazy situation in South Indian temples.

Lord Murugan's blessings in Tiruparankundram Murugan Temple, subsequently, Murugan holiness again. Up on the hill Pazhamuthir Cholai Murugan temple. Goodness me! Another scenario to countless number of people. All for worshipping, Lord Murugan obviously, plus, the rest of the gods. 

We prayed and out of the temple within less than 20 minutes and before journeying to Ramyas Hotel Trichy for our overnight stay. My room? Okay. No qualms whatsoever.

What about dinner? Curry Mee Instant Noodle Cup. Slurped till every last bit and tilting the cup for every drop of the soup. Said it all. How badly and how much I have been missing our Malaysian food. Nava K, the typical Malaysian. Next morning. Ramyas Hotel rooftop dining and breakfast?

Duh! The South Indian items? I still ate though. For strengthening my legs for the climb in Uchi Malai Pillayar Temple. Thankfully, yet to the crazy massive crowd and we, taking our time for climbing up, up and away. From each level till the top where Lord Ganesha, my number one, my savior, my best friend god is seated in the main altar. He as if have been waiting for me, he smiling at me and where you should move after seeing him instead of crowding at the entrance. Otherwise. Police hands will do the talking.
 Oh, before I forget. The ariel view from the high up level? Darn nice to admire. 


Lunch in Trichy. Gowri Parvathi Bhavan Veg (Thillai Nagar). Vegetarianism. At the request of the majority. Duh! As if. If you eat meat, just because you are visiting temples, god will reject you. Whatever. Didn't really matter to me. I eat without complaining. Albeit, food. Quite pathetic. Lazily put together. Just look at the way they serve? Cheap food, cheaply served and cheap in taste. 

Thats about it all in Trichy. Before, the long distance marathon like drive. 6 1/2 drive all the way and speak about the evening jam in Chennai. Crawling all the way until S Hotels Chennai (T Nagar). Not the same room I stayed on the day we arrived in Chennai. Still, this room of mine. Clean and well maintained. Corner room opening up to two views. Side and front of the busy road. 

For dinner? Nava K opting for room service. A light meal. Gilapi Sheek Kebab, paired alongside Mint Chutney and since I was longing for sugar rush, Gulab Jamun. Both of these. Believe me. A good run out of their kitchen.
Did I join the rest who were like, literally dying for after sunset shopping? Neh! What for? When the next two days have already been allocated for shopping as well. Oh please. Those shops are not going to run away, will they? No. Of course not.

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