Friday, March 18, 2016

Cape Town - South Africa (Part 2)

Day One in CapeTown was just a gist kick start to what else is in store for us. By two day, it just affirmed that Cape Town is a stunning beauty. Sincerely. For those of you who have already made your mark in Cape Town, I speak no further, but to those of you who are gonna explore Cape Town in the future, I bet you will not at all regret. Believe me. I clearly know what I am talking about. Cape Town by far is a nature paradise. Incomparable to the rest of places I have been to so far. Maybe I shouldn't compare because each is still its own wonder pleasure travelling gram, porn or lust (The Golden Triangle Chiang Mai, Istanbul Turkey, Norway, Fremantle Perth & Phuket Thailand), yet I can't help telling you that Cape Town is class of it own and one which I personally witnessed by the second day. Fun fantastic nature mesmerizing start and till our sightseeing curtains were drawn at end of the day. We started off with the drive from high up and cutting through the mountain slope that unveiled nature bounciness and bountifulness. Eye catching and eye gripping ultimate spellbinding view from the coach for approximately half an hour, in addition to a stop for admiring the beach, shores, ocean, hills and mountains, stretching from Mouille Point to Muizenberg. Chilly and wind lusciously blowing, we almost went berserk. Indeed. Later along the way, we had another stop at Karbonkelberg, a small peak forming part of Table Mountain National Park, a prominent landmark overlooking Hout Bay Harbor and famous for its short treks amongst mountain bikers.  

Subsequently, we passed by Camps Bay's trendy promenades, as well as Clifton and Llandudno beautiful beaches, known as the high stake playground of the rich and famous, of course money must be sunny with you if you wanna own one of the houses around and within this absolutely darling area. Our drive continued, followed by stepping foot in Fish Hoek. Recognized as one of the safest beach on False Bay coast, lunch was already prior arranged in "The Beachcomber Bistro", facing the mind blowing and breathtaking beach. Lunch opened up with the humble bread and butter, salad and the main course of seafood platter I was told is main highlight. A huge lobster steamed in sea water and fish in skewer, over a bed of rice and paired along lemon wedges. Not bad. The plain simple tastes of the fresh catch of Cape Town didn't let us down, but portion was way too big for a small eater like me. Nevertheless, I wholeheartedly enjoyed my meal. Then again, when you actually waste because you can't  finish up, it just breaks your heart. Apart from lunch, above all, the beautiful sea view was the best winner. Marvelous.    

Departing from Fish Hoek, we then arrived in Hout Bay, stood in the long queue amongst the many other tourists before getting into the boat for the rough and tough, rocky and water splashing ride to Duiker Island, also known as Seal Island. Awesomeness. The ride by itself and when the view of the large colony of Cape Fur Seals opened up, oh-my-wow-pow. Literally hundreds of seals right in front of us on the rocks, undisturbed and uninterrupted with our presence and imagine, how excited we would have been while trying to keep our balance due to ferry rocking in the choppy and big sea waves.   

Akin so soon our adventure was over, I went like oh-no the moment we returned to the pier. But the moment we arrived in Simon's Town and walked on boardwalk leading to Boulder's Beach for seeing the African penguin, I literally was pinching myself. Cute black and white adorable darlings just being themselves whereas we frantically and dramatically couldn't take our eyes off them. Another nature captivating panorama of Cape Town, truly and sincerely, by the way, for your information, Boulders Beach is the only place in the world where you are allowed to dive into the water and swim along the penguins. Almost an hour in Simon's Town, including for checking out the shops lined on both sides, off we left for Cape Point.   

Another beauty stunner. Trust me. God! Cape Point world known and world spoken for its clashing and splashing of Indian Ocean and Atlantic Ocean. Ohlalala!! Darn breathtaking. Mind shattering. Millions of yeses. I just wouldn't move from this spot. I just wanted to be left alone for doing nothing but let me mind to wonder with the flow of this like the clash of the sea titans. Never ever will I ever forget this moment of my time in Cape Point. 

We then walked and saw the famed Cape Of Good Hope and next was the ride on Flying Dutchman funicular. From the lower station at 127 meters above sea level to the upper station at 286 meters above sea level. Watch your steps guys once you arrive atop and while you walk towards the lighthouse. Completed in 1859 and standing at 249 meters above sea-level on the highest section of the peak, this first lighthouse is now the centralised monitoring point for all lighthouses on South Africa's coast. From this high up point, its another soul-stirring landscape of rugged rocks and cliffs towering more than 200 meters above the sea and cutting deep into the ocean. Spectacular. Really!  

Sightseeing over, we had dinner and back to our hotel while keeping our fingers crossed to furthermore of Cape Town splendidness the next day.

Up next - Cape Town Day 3.  

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