Tuesday, August 4, 2020

Ikan Goreng Asam Jawa (Tamarind Fried Fish)

Ikan Goreng Asam, literally meaning Tamarind Fried Fish, showcases the delightful tanginess of tamarind juice. While Asam Fish can be prepared in various ways, such as in a tamarind sauce, steamed, or as a curry, this recipe focuses on a traditional Malay method of marinating and frying the fish. The tangy flavor of tamarind juice is a key ingredient, giving the dish its characteristic sourness.


For tamarind fried fish, the process is simple: soak the fish in tamarind juice with added salt and then fry it to perfection. The accompanying cecah (dip) is equally simple yet unique, featuring kaffir lime leaves for an aromatic twist. For those who prefer visual instructions, a YouTube video is provided.

Ikan Goreng Asam (Tamarind Fried Fish)


1 torpedo scad (ikan cencaru), cleaned, cut into two, and scored on both sides

Thick tamarind juice, enough to soak the fish

Salt to taste

Oil, as needed for frying



Soak the fish in tamarind juice for at least 2 hours.

Place in the fridge until frying time.

To fry, heat oil in a pan.

Remove the fish from the tamarind juice and fry on both sides until golden and cooked through.

For the Cecah (Dip) - Ingredients as needed/per taste
Sweet soy sauce
Red onion or shallots, thinly sliced
Bird's eye chilies, thinly sliced
Kaffir lime leaves, thinly sliced
Salt, if needed
A little water

Mix all the dip ingredients together and stir well.

Alternative Tamarind Fried Fish Recipe
Here's another version of tamarind fried fish using mackerel instead of torpedo scad. The preparation and cooking method remain the same, but the dip ingredients vary slightly for a different flavor profile.

For the Dip:
Bird's eye chilies, thinly sliced
Lime juice
Salt to taste
A little water



Mix the chilies, lime juice, salt, and water together and stir well.

Choose between the two types of dips or try both for a variety of flavors.


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