Tuesday, January 1, 2013

Pathumwan Princess Hotel - Bangkok, Thailand (Part 3)

Less than an hour in Madame Tussaudsbefore I crossed the busy street at about 7.30pm while the sky was still bright, but I knew its gonna get dark soon, therefore I must return to Pathumwan Princess Hotel Part 1. Across the road, I walked pass countless road side food stalls, I was so close to packing some food. Nonetheless, out of fear I hesitated, to tell you the truth, I was quite panicky for some reason or rather. Food was forgotten, I continued walking, and then I realise I didn't know where I am. Albeit earlier being told I can walk back to Pathumwan from Siam Discovery, I did try though, I was lost. Panic attack again, I asked around, thank you to those honest and genuine Thais who directed me. Oh, what a relief once I noticed the hotel. Quickly up to my room, I sat on the bed to catch my breath. I had to calm myself down. Wasn't a great experience being on the streets of Bangkok alongside so many different characters. Thereafter, I called for room service. Dinner. Within 10 minutes, my set meal (around 350 THB) arrived. Spicy tom yam soup, green chicken curry, rice, birds eye chillies in Thai sauce and Thai pandan chiffon cake. 
Oh-so delicious. Tom yam soup with its quintessential bold Thai tastes. I slurped in, as well as drenched it over rice and ate.   
Next was the thick creamy green chicken curry. Succulent chicken pieces alongside sliced red chillies and some green birds eyeschillies in the said coconut and spices infused curry. Not as spicy as tom yam soup, but as good as it gets with again steamed Thai fragrant rice.    

Thereafter, I had half a portion of the soft-spongy chiffon cake frosted with cream. Super smooth, pandan scented and not overly sweet, chiffon cake lending an overall satisfaction to this set meal. To wash down, I drank the complimentary mineral water.  

I then showered and since its been an early day, furthermore after all the walking I did while sightseeing, I really couldn't keep my eyes open. I immediately tucked into bed, prior to making sure that all lights were on alert mode. First time sleeping alone in my entire 45 years. I think I did sleep for maybe 4 to 4 hours, next morning I was up by 5.30am for my Ayutthaya tour.

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  1. Happy new year again ms.nava k and have an awesome vacation day with family :)

  2. ms.nava here i am, again.. i have made some post about you today check out my blog when you are free, have a nice day =D

  3. hi nava, i love thai dishes too and they are really chili hot- the nuclear type... must dab sugar on my tongue, else cannot tahan :) but i kept eating cos they are delicious. the pandan cake looks yummy

  4. A relaxing meal in a cozy room..
    that is really good..
    I gain 5kg when i was in BKK last week..

  5. I love the spices in a good Thai meal especially tom yam. Not so keen on green curry coz of the coconut milk.

  6. That soup looks absolutely delicious. It sounds like a great meal!

  7. This hotel looks good, I must try it during my next visit.


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