Saturday, June 30, 2012

Royal Thai Handicraft Center - Bangkok (Thailand)

The in between, between our sightseeing (Bangkok Part 2)? Stop-over in Royal Thai Handicraft Center (Ayutthaya & Bangkok Part 1). A promising start once you stand outside for admiring the craftsmanship and craftswoman-ship. Trust me, admirable skills. But these men or women at work. They can't be bothered in looking at you. Like zombies, they will just continue doing what they are doing. No action and reaction even if you try to make eye contact or you want to smile at them. I suppose we just leave them alone? Logically.

 Inside Royal Thai Handicraft Center? A show room for showcasing all the handicraft produce. For sale of course. Whichever you pick. Ranging from wall deco, statues, furniture and the list goes on and on. The smaller items if you purchase, can be easily carried back and they ensure these are sealed and secured. The bigger items on the other hand? Shipped back to your respective country. Did I buy anything? No. I couldn't be bothered. Even the rest of things didn't lure me honestly and you know what? I thought coming over to Royal Thai Handicraft Center was a waste of my time. Wasted time basically. See, I told you, Promising start and then, you will realise, this stop is for money spending, and mind you, these things can be bought literally anywhere in Bangkok. Even the flea market in MBK Mall (Pathumwan Hotel). Then again? When you are in a tour? There's no escape route I suppose? Such places will be thrown in as the support for tour agent commission and for us to contribute towards Thailand's economy. By far too, I think some tourists are really keen in shopping none stop?  

What else is in store in Royal Thai Handicraft Center? Nothing. None. Skip if you are like me. You are not keen in shopping. A better option will be utilizing your time on other sightseeing spots.

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