Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Chonburi & Pattaya (Thailand) - My Solo Travel Trail

Lessons I picked up from my holiday to Malacca (Philea Resort & Malacca Part 2) or even from my first ever, over the sea trip (Rome & Milan)? Travelling with friends is not as sunshiny or rosy as it may seem to be or as others share on social media. Furthermore, for indication that perhaps I should start travelling alone. Solo travel? The thought of it? Quite scary and frightening initially mind you until I was in two minds. I wasn't even sure if I can do it. Then again, unless I try? Of course. But getting the green light from my other half-half? God! This Indian husband of mine who behaves as though he is the most liberal male gender in this world. Debated over and over again until he finally said yes. How did it all start for my first ever solo travel? Thanks for the encouragement from bestie who was based in Amata Golf & Country Club Chonburi for a golf tournament project.  

All arrangements made, still, I was almost a wreck. Up in the air and prior to stepping foot in Suvarnabhumi Airport on a Thursday and taking almost 2 hours for clearing out. By then, my luggage chucked aside and luckily it didn't go missing. Otherwise? Out of the airport and taxi driver arranged by my bestie who patiently awaited driving me to Amata Golf & Country Club Chonburi. Amata Golf & Country Club Chonburi. My-My! Such a wonder and me staying with my bestie in the bungalow facing the lake. 

First day passed by swiftly. Bestie and myself catching up on each other and dinner, some sandwiches she put up together. Next day? A full day of doing nothing. Except staring at the green green grass and bright as well as dark sky. On Saturday? Tagging alongside my bestie and her colleagues to Siam Country Plantation where they had to meet the relevant people and lunch in this another well known golf course. My first meal in Thailand. Fabulous. Thai big bold tastes I simply adore and delivered as authentic as they should be. 

Subsequently, Pattaya here we come. Hell. People madness, traffic madness and parking madness. Nevertheless, we managed to secure a parking space in Central Shopping Mall and then literally tailing my bestie for grocery shopping in the supermarket. Also, me also insisting I want to see the beach across where as if a day time beach party was going on. All sorts of tourists mostly and some locals. Drinking, fun in the sun and openly hugging and kissing and where I got bullied by the trader who insisted I must order a drink or I can't sit at the lazy chair. What? He wouldn't leave me alone. Enough I told myself before joining my bestie at the supermarket. 

By late evening, we departed from Pattaya. Traffic madness again. Back to back crawling all the way and in between, we stopping at the street stalls for packing back some food. Mango sticky rice, Thai mixed rice and Thai fried chicken. 

Back to Amata Golf Course at about 9.00pm, we hungrily tucked in and that's when I told my bestie I want to venture on my own to Bangkok. Her reaction? She was concern if I can take care of myself and since I persisted, she said go ahead. Why did I decide to venture on my own? Trust me, I couldn't take it. Take what? Going with the flow of agreeing to whatever she wanted to do, plus boredomness has crept in and another lesson picked up. Never go for a holiday hoping others will take you around and never bump with people for free because, like I have told you, you are like at their mercy.   

To be continued......... 

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