Monday, December 15, 2014

Spaghetti Tom Yam Soup

Obviously, or maybe you are yet to find out that we love the big bold tastes of Thai food . Actually, come to think of it, our Malaysian flavours are not very far out, further any different in comparison to Thai deliciousness. Pretty much we depend on the same ingredients (Basil Tomato Soup, Lemongrass Prawn Curry & Mango Pickle), we love our local herbs (Basil Tandoori, Lemongrass Lamb Kebab & Prompret Ginger), we Malaysians are also by now accustomed to fish sauce (Salted Egg Fish). Maybe the major difference between Thai cuisine (Thai Fried Chicken & Thai Seabass), and Malaysian cuisine (Mango Salad, Butter Basil Prawns & Lemongrass Prawn Mee) could be due to the ground where produce are made, grown or harvested. Other than that, I can't really figure out any other major unrelated correlations between both cuisines (Lemongrass Chicken Kebab & Green Fish Curry). Potentially, could it be the cooking technic then? Possible (Long Beans Coconut SauceVegetable Green Curry, Grilled Prawns & Sour Fish Soup).

Nevertheless, Malaysians like me don't really struggle with making Thai dishes (Thai Style Fish, Thai Massaman Curry, Thai Green Vegetable Curry, Thai Steamed Fish & Thai Laksa). Aplenty I think have already been rolled out (Thai Papaya Salad, Thai Eggplant & Tom Yam Chicken), today, its back to Tom Yam Soup (Tomyam Seafood Soup), but as a noodle dish by combining different ingredients for a newest version (Tom Yam Soup Vegetarian & Tom Yam Goong). Tom Yam paste is definitely the core essential, one which you can make or buy. I opted for the store bought for time saving, of course if you want to, go ahead and make. All in all, this Spaghetti Tom Yam Soup (Thai Prawn Spaghetti) as you can see, I bet is waving and calling you to come closer. Nothing should by far hold you from closing up closer (Thai Salmon Noodle Soup & Noodle Thai Sauce). Grab the chopsticks of yours, alternatively fork in, simultaneously you need a spoon for slurping into this aromatic, delicious, power lashing spicy and tangy soup. Yum!

1 1/2 tbsp of ready made tom yam paste
5 garlic - chopped
1 red onion - chopped
1 tomato - sliced thinly
3 to 4 kaffir lime/limau purut leaves - tear into pieces
1/2 tbsp fish sauce
10 medium size prawns - keep aside for now
Some fish balls (optional)
1 liter prawn stock or any other you like
1/4 cabbage - shredded
Cooked spaghetti - follow the instructions on the packet.
2 tbsp oil
Sliced red chillies - for garnishing (optional)
Salt for taste

In heated oil, saute garlic and onion.
Add tomato and tom yam paste.
Stir and cook till mushy.
Pour stock and let it simmer.
Season with fish sauce and salt (taste first) and add lime leaves.
Add prawns in the stock and simmer to cook.
Just for a a minute or two.
Remove prawns,  cool down, discard the heads and shells from prawns.
Then slice into two pieces and remove the veins.
Assemble spaghetti with prawns, fish balls. cabbage and red chillies.
Pour soup over and serve immediately.
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  1. Lovely soup for winter and enjoy your stay

  2. Love this delicious and flavorful soup.. Feel like having it right now.

  3. what a comforting bowl of soup, perfect for winter time.

  4. This soup looks great. Perfect for the winters. I wish to have the bowl full right away. :)

  5. looks delicious...seems you are enjoying a trip.Have a nice time there....

  6. More veg soup recipes for cold weather
    Keep in touch

  7. Comforting soup for winter , looks colorful & delish !!

  8. This is new to me....the soothing soup to zip for this winter.... :)

  9. Delicious, love all the ingredients in it...

  10. Something to go for beside the yellow mee.


  11. I love tom yam soup.....very fullfilling!!
    Thanx for sharing!!!

  12. The recipe is so simple and delicious.. wud love to try.. thanks fr sharing :)

  13. I have seen Tom Yam soup all the time but never has it looked so vibrant :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  14. I am down with flu and this bowl of soup is what I need right away...feel like lifting it off the screen.

  15. Oh la la. It's raining here right now and this feels like a comfort for the cold. Yum!

  16. I can never resist a good bowl of tom yum, dear! It's so addictive!

  17. looks delicious,feeling hungry now.

  18. wow nava :) happy winters and this lovely soup just wow :)

  19. This is a hot favourite... n yours look so tempting...


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