Thursday, September 5, 2013

Japanese Radish & Mushroom Soup

As far as I know, soups must be smooth and light too. Of course, there's the thick creamy soups (Pumpkin Garlic Soup & Potato Bok Choy Soup) as well (Hot Masala Lentil Soup, Thai Style Carrot Soup & Dhal Vegetable Soup). But Asian soups on the whole are watery (Yogurt Rasam, Chicken Wanton Soup, Corn Soup, Chinese Burdock Soup & Chinese Chicken Watercress Soup). At least the soups we like. To flavour up such soups, a flavourful stock is vital. Whether its home made or stock bought ones, does not really matter I suppose. Home made no doubt is the winner but for convenient sake, I too wouldn't mind ready made stocks. The thing is that I can't get the liquid stocks in bottles/cartons. Not at the hypermarket and neighbour hood mini markets. Ever available tend to be cubed or powder types but given a choice, liquid stocks are the first choice.  

Does not really matter for the time being, or maybe I don't have a choice though. Nevertheless, for  Japanese soups and sides on the whole, dashi, mirin and sake does the job (Grilled Unagi, Japanese Lotus Root Tofu Soup & Crispy Fried Japanese Tofu). But since I had some extra time in hand, I actually made a vegetable stock. So, you should expect additional body and flavours from this vegetarian soup - radish (Baby Shark Radish Curry & Fish Curry Radish), shiitake mushrooms (Fried Mushroom Rolls), soy sauce, ginger, garlic and as I have said earlier, the Japanese flavouring ingredients. 

1/2 radish - remove skin and slice thinly
1/2 litre vegetable stock 
3-4 shiitake mushrooms - soak to soften and slice into 3-4 pieces
1/2 inch ginger - sliced
10 garlic - gently bruised
1/2 tbsp daishi granules
2 tbsp sakae
2 tbsp mirin
1/2 tbsp Japanese soy sauce
2-3 stalks spring onion - sliced
2 tbsp oil
Salt (only if needed)

Saute ginger and garlic in heated oil.
Pour stock in.
Add radish and mushrooms.
Simmer till both becomes soft and tender.
Add the rest of the ingredients except spring onion. 
Remove from heat and garnish with spring onion before serving.
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  1. Light,tasty and full of flavored,I never use some ingredients in this soup but I'm sure is available in local Asian market here,the weather is getting cold here everyday,so will make some soup soon :)

  2. I love the flavor of radish and that soup sounds superb !

  3. looks like a comforting bowl of soup...

  4. Thats a healthy bowl Nava :-) Looks so comforting.

  5. I must say I am inspired to try out new soups seeing your recipes.That pumpking soup you posted the other day and now this one.Slurrpppp :)

  6. beautifully assembled nava.looks fantastic.

  7. ivy sew http://simplybeautifulhealthyliving.blogspot.comSeptember 5, 2013 at 9:27 PM

    Nava, radish is also my favourite. I like it in soup, braised or stewed too :)

  8. I love both the two soup dishes you have put up! I am such a soup person hee. Esp love homecooked ones where by one is assured that there's no MSG/salt added unnecessarily!

  9. One healthy bowl of soup, looks yum...

  10. ha...ha... Nava, i also cooking a radish soup today, but just in the simple way, with ginger and salt.

  11. I love you for your soup recipies, i am a sucker for soups..

  12. wooo..that is one comfort bowl of my fav soup and wonderful recipes of radish

  13. You are so innovative in soup recipes.. Mushroom and Radish is a new combo.. You are tempting me to try Soup recipes..

  14. That's an amazing soup ! looks so comforting !

  15. Love bowl of soup, I love mushrooms. Never had radishes though or if I did, I can't remember.

  16. Yum! Your Japanese Radish & Mushroom Soup looks scrumptious! I'm so ready for cooler weather and hot soup like this. :)

  17. Ok,this soup is totally new to me and I am already loving reading the ingredients and looking at the pictures, which by the way are really yummy.

  18. I am a big fan and soup Nava.. And this soup with radish looks amazing.. Will try substituting the said ingredients with crushed black pepper :-)

  19. I haven't gone into Japanese cuisine as yet but would love to try this out. Looks most refreshing! All the ingredients won't be available though. I'll check out your Japanese Lotus soup now.

  20. A super healthy soup bowl.............i haven't tasted Japanese radish but will try with Indian radish.

  21. My my, love the way you pair your food. This soup looks amazingly healthy and comforting.

  22. wow ...soup looks really yummy n healthy..

    my recent one :

  23. It looks super delicious. Healthy and yummy :)


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