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Bergen Sightseeing & Denmark-Norway Reflections

As we neared the end of our Denmark (COPENHAGEN) and Norway (BERGEN CHRONICLES & OSLO) journey, our second-to-last day kicked off at Bergen's lively waterfront. Surrounded by boats of all shapes and sizes, I couldn't resist the pull of the sea. Whether it's the ocean's vastness, a winding river, or a tranquil pond, water always captivates me. The blend of nature and history in Bergen stirred a mix of wonder and anticipation. At the port, I snapped photos eagerly, trying to freeze every moment in time. But as I looked out over the sea, my mind wandered beyond the horizon (NEW DELHI REVELATIONS & SRI LANKA DISCOVERIES).
The promise of adventure awaited as we made our way to the Floibanen FunicularRiding the cable car to the heart of Bergen, we ascended to Mount Floyen's lofty heights. The view that greeted us was breathtaking - a sprawling panorama of Bergen's beauty. In that moment, I felt a deep connection to the essence of our Bergen experience. With eyes wide open and heart brimming with wonder, I absorbed every detail, creating memories that would last a lifetime (KOCHI KERALA KALEISCOPE)

Within the hour, we made our way to the Troldhaugen Edvard Grieg Museum. Strolling along the garden pathway, we were eager to uncover the story of Edvard Grieg. His music, his life - everything about him. To be honest, I had never heard of him before, but his significance to Bergen intrigued me. Inside the museum, I admired his portraits and marveled at his musical genius. Photography wasn't allowed indoors, so I snapped pictures of the surroundings instead. After the museum, I lingered in the garden, climbing a tree to catch a glimpse of his Swiss-style villa from 1885, overlooking Lake Nordas. I didn't notice his grave, but the experience was still memorable.

Our second-to-last day came to an end, and I opted to stay in my hotel room while my tour buddies explored the streets nearby. The following morning, we embarked on a walking tour to Bergen Market, bursting with local produce. Although I had my fill of salmon, the vibrant fruits tempted me. Ultimately, I decided against buying them, knowing they wouldn't survive the journey home.

Here's my reflection on my trip to Denmark and Norway:
Exploring the historical sites and breathtaking landscapes in Denmark and Norway was an absolute treat. The cool weather added a special charm to every moment, reminding me to cherish the beauty of nature and history. It was a soul-touching experience that left a lasting impression.


While the locals in Denmark and Norway are often described as chill and cool, I found them to be rather reserved. They didn't talk much and rarely smiled, which made me question the stereotype. Perhaps they have their reasons, but I didn't find them particularly friendly.

Shopping in Denmark and Norway wasn't my cup of tea. Who needs winter coats and boots in Malaysia's scorching heat? Plus, the prices were steep compared to what we have back home. As for t-shirts, I'll stick to the better and cheaper options in Malaysia.

The buffet breakfasts were a highlight, especially the fresh and mouthwatering cold cuts and the fruit selection was exotic. Desserts were heavenly but dangerously sweet - I could practically feel the sugar rush! However, the main courses left much to be desired. As a Malaysian accustomed to bold flavors, the blandness of the dishes didn't quite hit the spot.

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