Monday, June 10, 2024

Copenhagen's Crown Jewels: Denmark's Frederiksborg and Kronborg Castles

After a hearty hotel breakfast (COPENHAGEN PART 1), we were eager to start exploring Copenhagen. Our first stop? Frederiksborg Castle (Danish: Frederiksborg Slot), an iconic landmark in Denmark. Perched gracefully on three islands amidst a serene lake and vibrant gardens, the sight was breathtaking. It's the largest Renaissance complex in the Nordic region, boasting both grandeur and charm.

As I wandered the expansive grounds, the garden pathways, majestic trees filtering sunlight, and colourful flowers swaying gently in the breeze captivated me. Despite the crisp air, there was a peaceful aura as I made my way towards the castle. Upon reaching its vantage point, the view was nothing short of awe-inspiring.

Perched atop Frederiksberg Hill, the Frederiksberg Castle overlooks the picturesque Frederiksberg Garden and sits conveniently close to Copenhagen Zoo. The vista from this spot is truly enchanting, inviting me to linger in the tranquility of the surroundings.

Welcomed by the castle's rustic charm and the soothing sound of its courtyard water fountain, I leisurely entered to explore Denmark's Museum of National History. Inside Frederiksborg Castle, commissioned during the reign of Christian IV (1588-1648) and restored after a devastating fire in 1859, the museum's inception in 1878, courtesy of brewer J.C. Jacobsen and the Carlsberg Foundation, adds a fascinating layer to its rich history. Carlsberg's legacy intertwines with Danish history and culture.


And within the castle lies the Chapel of Frederiksborg Castle, one of its most significant parts. As I wandered around the chapel, I couldn't help but feel goosebumps - an indescribable sensation that touched me deeply. The stunning architecture and intricate decorations reflected the castle's rich history. It's as if you can feel the vibrations of holiness within you when you're here.

After a fulfilling morning at Frederiksborg Castle, we indulged in a leisurely lunch before venturing to our next destination: Kronborg Castle. Known as one of Northern Europe's most significant castles from the golden age, Kronborg earned UNESCO World Heritage Site status in 2000. Constructed by King Eric VII in the 1420s, this magnificent fortress left me in awe. 

Kronborg Castle, often referred to as Elsinore, is famously known as the setting of Shakespeare's Hamlet. The castle's impressive architecture, with its towering spires and fortified walls, evokes a sense of grandeur and history. Inside, the richly decorated rooms and the grand ballroom transport you back to the Renaissance era.

Beyond the castle itself, the surroundings were equally captivating. While walking around, I discovered that you can cross over from Kronborg Castle to the shores of Sweden via ferry. Unfortunately, we didn't have time to make the trip, which I now regret. It felt tantalizingly close yet just out of reach. Hopefully, I can visit Sweden another time, but for now, it's best not to make any promises.

As we were still enjoying my time at Kronborg Castle, the tour guide reminded us it was time to move on. We had to ensure we didn't miss boarding the DFDS Scandinavian Seaways overnight cruise, which would take us to Oslo by morning.

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