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Restoran Sing Kee Wong (Seri Setia) - Sungai Way

Residence of Sungei Way and even those of you who are living within, around or a distance from Petaling Jaya. I may be wrong, but I can't help assuming you may have heard of Restoran Sing Kee Wong? Or you must at least have noticed their signboard whenever you drive pass the narrow road of Seri Setia/Sungai Way and quite a close distance from Kopitiam Under Big Tree . What about me? Sure. I too have notice their signboard due to me passing by this area whenever. But somehow, strange. All these years. Though the intention was always there for dining in Restoran Sing Kee Wong, yet, somehow, tell me about it? What we intend to do and what never materializes. For reasons we know or we don't. Finally, on this particular week day at the suggestion of my two friends who frequent Restoran Sing Kee Wong if not often, at least every now and then.