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Cape Town - South Africa (Part 3)

Another itinerary already lined up and prior being informed (Cape Town 1 and Cape Town 2), more importantly, glad I was that weather, as we were told to get ready, didn't bite deep into my skin. In fact, such a waste to carrying my thick jackets, because by this third day, I felt as though I am in Malaysia. Not cold, neither sweat dripping hot, supposedly the blessings of Cape Town's weather god, our day began once we journeyed for approximately 50 minutes. Luckily, the big rock which flew by to hit one of the back windows of our coach while we were journeying didn't hurt any of us. It did however shatter the glass, we still arrived in one piece in Nederburg Wines. One of the older vineyards in Stellenbosch, my-my, what more could I have asked for. Walla! For someone like me who gets tipsy over wine, like once a fortnight, I was grinning from one end to the other end of my mouth. How aptly, none could have been better for starting off our tour except warmly welcomed to the section where we were briefed, as well as we sampled the different types of wine. Temptation ran wild, mind you. As much as my mind indirectly sounded me, no Nava K, you should hold back, my heart and wine palate nonetheless literally wouldn't let me go. What the hack, I told myself. I went ahead and tasted, albeit, honest to goodness, I couldn't differentiate which is which in regard to the wine varieties. Others I think put on a drama as if they knew, maybe some really knew, yet, I clearly noted there were pretenders too, while the lady was explaining and also wanted to hear it out from us. I of course didn't utter no word. Frankly speaking, lemme tell you that if a wine can get me tipsy, its a fab wine. The best!       

Wine tasting was followed by touring the huge winery for understanding the whole concept of wine-making. From the initial stage of plucking the grapes, till extracting their juices, fermenting, bottling, so on and so forth. Returning back to the foyer, we purchased two bottles of red wine, next was seeing the varieties of grapes at the vineyard. Wow! An ultimate ending to our tour. Conquered, captured and for affirming that Cape Town is sincerely where you can be assured of one of the best amongst the rest of the world's wine. Let alone why such an experience of a vineyard or winery is the travelling show stealer amongst the tourists.   

Half a day gone by, subsequently, we headed to Kirstenbosch Garden Moyo Restaurant for lunch. Carnival like, like a big happy family, come one, come all environment. Jam packed with as many people from all walks of life, albeit I am not wrong in saying that we were the only group of Asians or Malaysians, we queued for helping ourselves to the all-you-can-eat traditional South African cuisine. Quite a variety, but didn't make a lasting impact on me, on the contrary, I simply fell in love for their garden setting, spacious ambiance. Who on the right frame of mind, tell me will sit at the inside dining area when outside was haven calling paradise. Sun shining atop, shaded by the huge trees, casual dining area, not cramped at all and you shouldn't discount the tribal style face painting. Its free, don't panic, I of course didn't refuse. Later, the momentum picked up further rapidly once the band started to native groove the dancers, and also tourists who behaved as if its already boozy night. Kudos to Garden Moyo Restaurant. They definitely have it behind and in front of their hands for luring bus loads of tourists.          

Loitering at the main road for checking out the stuffs sold by traders, one trader even came to extent of getting into our coach for pitching sales. My male tour buddies and my other half-half bought the leather belts and wallets, which by far they felt price worthy and seemingly original leather. Thereafter, we left for West Coast Ostrich Ranch. Nestled against sea facing slopes of Durbanville hills, offering mind touching views of Table Mountain and Hottentots Holland Mountain, and in an area steeped in local history, during this an hour informative trail, we had a live experience, besides reading and finding out, and in addition to seeing the West Coast white ostriches, dwarf ostriches, black-necked ostriches, emus, rheas, peacocks, ostrich chicks and the cactus garden, we viewed more than 200 birds ranging from chicks to 20-year-old breeding pairs. Furthermore, the honour was ours for seeing the chicks hatching, sitting on the ostrich, not everyone though, standing on the ostrich egg and feeding the ostriches. Happening! Another appreciated sightseeing pleasure of Cape Town.   

Finally, the moment of truth we have been waiting for, put on hold for the last two days due to unfavorable weather, what else can be the one of the main highlights for coming this far to Cape Town if you don't do Table Mountain. Stunning drop dead gorgeous. Out-rightly. From the time we stepped foot, we got into the cable car, and prior to making our way to atop. You must believe me. In fact, I am lost on how to describe Table Mountain which utterly blew me away with its grace, charm and pride. Never will I ever forget Table Mountain. I must vouch that Table Mountain is Cape Town's darling. Its rustic, undisturbed and unspoiled view, right before and after you are lifted up by the 85 years old cable way cable car, iconic and looming large Table Mountain deserves the spot as one of the “7 Wonders of the Nature” (Ayutthaya Thailand, Halong Bay Vietnam & Norway)
Even Cape Floral, one of the richest floral regions in the world is admirable, despite  animal such as  cape lion, mountain zebra or leopard are no longer seen. Reaching so close to the sea and city above 1,086m sea level, breezy wind and against the vantage point, Cape Floral I bet can shatter your camera. Oh, I forgot to mention the fact that Table Mountain is over 260 million years old and Table Mountain got its name for its noteworthy resemblance to a table.

Officially ending our three days in Cape Town, tomorrow will be hello Johannesburg for us. Stay tuned. 


  1. Oh! Look at those wine barrels.. What will I not give to taste a bot of every one of those wine bottles!! ;) (sigh, it's been almost 2 years) And Nava, I love your top, looks perfect. You are right, the sight is splendid!

  2. You look gorgeous. You have enjoyed every bit of your visit

  3. What a beautiful place!! Looking forward to reading more!

  4. Ooo beautiful pics Bollywood style. Agree visiting vineyard is such a lovely experience. Oh I got check Cape town 1 and 2 u always give such unbiased opinions.

  5. Wow blissful....seems u r having a great time...Cheers!!!!!!!!!!

  6. I love the way you dress :-) Can you please send me a bottle of wine. Missing it!

  7. Love all the pictures. Looks like you enjoyed a lot :)

  8. I loved this place as per what u have mentioned.. lovely pics captured by u :)

  9. Visiting a wine farm is on my bucket list. I love red wine.

  10. you look pretty as always and the place is so beautiful

  11. I went there in 2011...after seeing your beautiful post relishing my days in Capetown


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