Thursday, February 27, 2020

Cape Town: The Magical Moments

Our journey from the hotel to Nederburg Wines was quite a trek (CAPE TOWN THE NATURE STUNNER). As one of Stellenbosch's oldest vineyards, we received a warm welcome from the staff and were guided through the grape processing and wine conversion process. Honestly, I wasn't the most attentive listener - more interested in sampling the wines! I took cautious sips, avoiding a rush to my head. Truth be told, I couldn't distinguish between the different wine flavors and varieties. Some guests seemed like experts, while others, like me, quietly enjoyed the experience.

After the tasting, we explored the expansive winery, learning about every step of winemaking from grape picking to fermenting and bottling. We left with two bottles of red wine and marveled at the vineyard's grape varieties - a perfect end to our tour. It's clear why Cape Town is renowned for its exceptional wines. Visiting a vineyard like Nederburg is truly a highlight of travel, where learning and enjoyment blend seamlessly. There's always something gained from such experiences (SEOUL THROUGH MY EYES & JEJU ISLAND THROUGH MY LENS).

Half a day passed, and we made our way to Kirstenbosch Moyo Restaurant for lunch. The atmosphere (MYANMAR FROM MAE SAI) was like a lively carnival, with a diverse crowd enjoying traditional South African cuisine. While we might have been the only Asians or Malaysians, we eagerly lined up for the all-you-can-eat spread. The food, though varied, didn't leave a lasting impression on me. What did captivate me was the restaurant's outdoor seating - an oasis under the sun, shaded by towering trees. It was spacious and inviting, complete with free tribal-style face painting that I couldn't resist.

As the day progressed, the energy soared when a band started playing, setting the stage for spontaneous dancing and a festive vibe that made it feel like a lively evening. Moyo Restaurant knows how to attract crowds, offering a delightful blend of cultural ambiance and entertainment that draws in busloads of tourists.

We set off for West Coast Ostrich Ranch, nestled against the sea-facing slopes of Durbanville hills. The views of Table Mountain and Hottentots Holland Mountain were simply breathtaking, steeped in local history. During our hour-long informative trail, we immersed ourselves in a live experience, observing West Coast white ostriches, dwarf ostriches, black-necked ostriches, emus, rheas, peacocks, ostrich chicks, and wandered through a cactus garden, encountering over 200 birds ranging from chicks to 20-year-old breeding pairs.

Highlights included witnessing chicks hatching, sitting on ostriches (not everyone tried!), standing on ostrich eggs, and feeding these majestic birds. It was another unforgettable sightseeing pleasure in Cape Town.

Finally, the moment I had been eagerly anticipating arrived after a two-day weather delay - Table Mountain. This iconic natural landmark overlooking Cape Town captivates visitors with its majestic presence and panoramic views. Part of the Table Mountain National Park, it offers numerous hiking trails leading to breathtaking vistas of the city, Atlantic Ocean, and beyond. Whether covered by the ethereal "tablecloth" of clouds or bathed in clear skies, Table Mountain is a haven for biodiversity, home to unique flora and fauna, including the famous dassies.

From the moment we stepped into the cable car to ascend to the top, Table Mountain left me speechless. Its grace, charm, and sheer beauty are beyond words. I'll never forget the experience of being lifted 1,086 meters above sea level by the iconic 85-year-old cable car, with its breezy winds and stunning views of the sea and city below. Table Mountain, over 260 million years old, stands as Cape Town's beloved landmark - a testament to its rustic, untouched beauty.

As our time in Cape Town came to an unofficial close, I couldn't help but reflect on the awe-inspiring experiences. Tomorrow, a new adventure awaits in Johannesburg - exciting times ahead!

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