Saturday, June 23, 2012

Pathumwan Princess Hotel - Bangkok, Thailand (Part 3)

What and what not thereafter ( Madame Tussauds & Bangkok Part 1)? Like a Bangkok hero, me crossing the road while the sky was still slightly bright for heading back to the hotel (Pathumwan Princess Hotel Part 1) and for packing food for dinner. Wrong check-mate outrightly. Why? I didn't dare being amongst the many walking up and down. My main concern was, what if I am robbed or mugged? Silly thoughts you think so? Maybe, but seriously, I didn't want to risk my handbag. Passport and wallet? I really didn't want to take a chance. So, I started walking as fast as I could. By then, sky had turned dark, yet, Pathumwan Hotel was no where to be seen. I panicked until I could think anymore. I thought I was lost in space and my heart kept pounding louder and louder. In fact, I felt as though my heart is going to fly out. Logically then, I had to ask around. Thanks to the 3 or 4 kind Thai samaritans who pointed towards the direction of Pathumwan Hotel. God! What a relief.

To my room immediately before sitting on the bed and catching my breath. Once I had calm down, I realise I had to eat. Dinner. Room service pretty much the best option instead of out on the streets again. Within the next 10 minutes after flipping through the menu in the room and ordering, door bell rang. My meal (350 THB). Tom yam soup, green chicken curry, rice, birds eye chillies in Thai sauce and Thai pandan chiffon cake. 
Yum. In fact yumminess. Delicious meal. Spicy, sour and aromatic tom yum soup. Slurped in, as well drenched over rice before tucking in.     
Green chicken curry. Another wonder. Tender chicken pieces in thick, light green and creamy curry. Not as spicy as tom yam soup, but as good as it gets, and the smell of Thai fragrant rice, Hah! Such a joy.     

Hunger really put into perspective until there was no room for the soft-spongy chiffon cake. Still, half of it going into my tummy and washed down by the complimentary mineral water. Chiffon Cake?Walla! The sweet delight of Pathumwan Hotel. 

Food happiness totality. Resting for a while before showering, by the time I knew, my eyes indicated that I should hop in bed. I must actually. An early day tomorrow for sightseeing. I need to be up by 5.30 and before travel agent comes by, as early as 6.30am. This my first night alone in my entire life? Surprisingly, I knocked off. I honestly did. No hammer house of horror dream and me setting my hand-phone alarm for waking up. 

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