Sunday, September 26, 2010

Tomoe - Japanese Restaurant, Subang Jaya

Not our first time. We in fact have dined in Tomoe, let's twice or three times and Tomoe had not let us down yet. Back again to Tomoe where your parking matter will be taken over by the car jockeys. But this habit of them in hanging on their handphones can get to you. Regardless, they will attend to you or you have to draw their attention. Thereafter, walk into Tomoe and you will be greeted loudly in Japanese language and you will be also be ushered all the way from the lift right up to the second floor dining area. Take you seat wherever you like or where ever available. At the bar, at the individual dining rooms or at the centre open dining area. Subsequently. Menu popping up and you deciding between their quite a huge selection. Will take up your time mind you. In fact, even us. Each time we return before, you really don't know where to start. We flipping the menu over and over again, and then, agreeing on Hot Sake (small), Omakase Sashimi Moriawase (Sashimi - chef's specially for the day), Dada Chamame (Japanese steammed beans), Shisamo (Grilled pregnant fish), Aji Shioyaki (Grilled mackerel), Satoima Nikkaragashi (Yam balls) and Ike Asasi Miso Shiru ( Lala/Clams miso soup).

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Restaurant Syed - Seksyen 9, Shah Alam

Restaurant Syed is where you can be assured of a fulfilling and delighful Nasi Briyani meal. According to my other half-half who used to stay just across. Across the road and he kept telling me that a Nasi Briyani meal in Restaurant Syed will be unregrettable. Really? Alright. I must try. To Restaurant Syed on this weekday for an early lunch for the choice between the pre-prepared lunch dishes, not really a wide array though and of course, the must try I wanted to had to be their Bukhara Briyani. One Bukhara Mutton Briyani, one Bukhara Chicken Briyani and also Fried Fish Egg, and for drinks, Carrot Juice and Ice Lime Tea. 

Thursday, September 16, 2010

Nyonya Fish Sambal/Sauce

We Malaysians are a colorful lot. We are in fact the colors of Malaysia. We may bitch, we may complain and we can be at logger head over literally every small matter in Malaysia, yet when it comes to food, we all compromise. We are truly the food pride of the world. Wouldn't you agree Malaysians? Food is like a glue or gum which binds all of us together and every occasion must be associated with food, and food and food. Nyonya Fish Sambal/Sauce? What must I say. One of it in our Malaysian food composite. From the straits of Malacca and also straits of Penang where all things spices nice started and slowly, Nyonya cuisine becoming part and parcel of our Malaysian food eating and living. How do we cook Nyonya Fish Sambal/Sauce? Follow this recipe of mine and you will be in the good hands of your own hands cooking. Fried fish tipped into sambal paste and the aroma of kaffir lime leaves. Bang! The revelation and explosion of Nyonya cuisine (Sambal Tumis Ikan Pari, Assam Fish Curry, Kangkung Belacan & Chilli Soy Fish). 

Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Malaysian Fried Mee

The street style Malaysian (Malaysian Indian Chicken Curry & Malaysian Indian Chicken Curry) Fried Mee and the Chinese style fried yellow noodles. Of course, obviously, you have a choice, like I have already told you, for a plate of Malaysian Fried Mee at hawkers stalls, Then again, nothing like home made right? We opting for the ingredients we like in fried mee and my this version is primarily seafood (Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon Home Made Curry Mee). You definitely have the liberty to adding pork or chicken, but I kept it to seafood for a halal version. Malaysian Style Fried Mee. Yellow noodles, prawns, fish balls, fish balls, beansprouts, chives, soy sauce, of course we need chillies. Tastiness. Sumptuousness. Delightfullness. 

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Masala Mutton Curry

Mutton and curry in one. Mutton of course, like I have already told you, the meat we Indians can't ditch aside for whatever matter (Mutton Parathal) and the curry story (Malaysian Indian Chicken Curry & Malaysian Indian Fish Curry). How do we cook this Masala Mutton Curry? Nothing complicated if you are asking me. Pretty much our pantry friendly ingredients and nothing you really need to run around looking for. Not any specific unknown ingredients on the whole. Blended/grounded ingredients mixed with plain chilli powder and turmeric powder for masala/curry paste and then, cooked step by step, alongside, spices, tomato, potato and mutton (Mutton Kurma & Mutton Dalca). The outcome? Get ready for a taste of mutton curry heaven.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Malaysian Indian Chicken Curry

Its all, if not all the time, mostly curries. Curries for my Indian other half-half (Malaysian Indian Fish Curry, Mutton Parathal & Crab Curry) and maybe, for the rest of Indians too? Otherwise, all hell can break loose when its a meal. Not as literally war and fire, but you will be given a major indication. Duh! Indian men and curries? What else is new? This authentic chicken curry speaks for itself. The splendidness. The wondrous all things spices enlivened Malaysian Indian Chicken Curry. Oh, I must mention almonds and coconut blended/grounded alongside for the masala or curry paste as well.  

Sunday, September 5, 2010

Devilled Prawns

The Devilled Prawns of the Portuguese Eurasian community. How do I know? Where did I pick up making Devilled Prawns Portuguese Eurasian style? From my Eurasian friends. They and me. We have been friends for the longest time and one of them handing over her recipe for devilled prawns. Quite a long list of ingredients and me, tweeting the originally of the recipe and I must stress that the master key for devilled prawns is the spice paste. Of course, the rest of the ingredients as well. Devilled Prawns. Exciting. Vibrant. Appealing. Tantalizing. Succulent prawns in various role play of tastes, thick spicy and full of aroma gravy. 

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