Friday, July 3, 2020

Thaipusam Batu Caves 2020 - Nava K & Her Service to Lord Murugan

Religionism and Nava K? Are we? We. The both of us. Are we the closest, cannot live without each other best friends? Yes. Why not. What about, can we be regarded as close cousins, or is there the strength, the strongest bond of love between us? Absolutely. Without a doubt. All the yesses! After all? Religionism and Nava K? This lady and her Hindu religion? She. Born and bred as a Hindu and she will remain as a Hindu for the years she has on this earth. Then again? You know what? Strange. Really strange. I only started learning about Hinduism just, about a year ago. Just a year ago. Can you believe it? Though, I thought, I knew my Hindu credentials at the back of my hand. Sadly. Very sad. Tragically so sad. Because? The reality has been otherwise. To a certain extent, I knew the gist of my religion. But after starting my journey. My journey to embracing Hatha Yoga, which is now part and parcel of my life, the desire in me towards my religion? Spiralled. Until, I started, learning on my own. From a stretch. The things I didn't know. The things I didn't understand. The things I am not aware about, basically, digging deepest for seeking answers about Hinduism.

Well? Oh well? What do you expect? My growing up years? The only thing I was told? Or literally forced to?  Praying. And if I am lucky, every now and then, some basic information on some of the significant Hindu festivals thrown in. Praying or prayers on the other hand? Must. Otherwise? Mum? My mum. Ah! The Indian drama of hers? Yet? The strangest part of mums like mine those days? They won't even tell you why prayers are forbidden when you are menstruating. Also, nothing about the birds and the bees. These kinda topics are a taboo actually. Not to be spoken, neither can you ask.

What about the man I have been married to for donkey years? Another Hindu who is lost in his religion. As much as he tried? From time to time to impress me with his Hindu knowledge? No substance. Anyway, prayers have always been there in my life and I still pray till this day. Daily. Not the rolling on the floor kind, nor loudly ringing the bells, or as if I am in a trance praying. Just basic. My prayers are easy to go. Light the altar. Next, prayer pose for a minute or two and over. Now, how did Hatha Yoga tune, realign or trigger me in terms of my Hindu faith? Yoga. Hatha Yoga! It sparked the spark towards my keen interest in learning about Hinduism. Can you believe it? What I didn't know before. Even the simplest meaning to "Vanakkam" or "Namaste" and when I found out? My Hindu limps, my Hindu notes and my Hindu nerves started shimmering and shining. My-my! What a shimmer and shine. Unbelievable.
The journey of digging deeper into my own Hindu roots is still on-going and while at it, I was asked if I would like to join in, as a volunteer for Thaipusam by my yoga centre. I said yes. A big yes, or the biggest yes immediately. Why? Because it was a valid reason for rediscovering the true meaning of "I Bow My Divinest" to you Lord Murugan. Or, maybe. Just saying. It was the calling from Lord Murugan? You think so? Having said that, Thaipusam. On two previous occasions? "Paal Kudam" and Nava K (Penang Thaipusam 2017 & Thaipusam Batu Caves 2018). Not for me. I did it for two troubled people in my life.

This year? No vowing. Nope. Instead. Like I have already told you? Service to Lord Murugan. Volunteering. How did it start? Car pooling and by the time we entered the compound of  "Sri Maha Mariamman Temple", at about 10.30am? Vel Vel Muruga. Vetrikel Muruga. Thousands and thousands of devotees. In fact, a sea or hurricane of people and we? We were bolstered, thundered, shoved and pushed amongst them. Two hours in total for us to walk from the entrance, and all the way till climbing the staircase and joining the rest in one corner at the main altar up there.
Thereafter, 5 hours of packing the "Pooja Archana" packs. Putting into each bag - fruits, holy ash, flowers and all that we had to. In between, a quick "on the house" lunch and back to packing. How did I feel at the end of it all? Proud. Satisfied. Happy. Plus, a tiny sense of social achievement swimming dancing around my heart and let me not lie. Tiring as well.

Aside to tiredness, I have fun too. Some giggles, laughter, by, who else, Nava K, but, for the first time in my entire life. I contributed to my Hinduism and thanks must go to my "Hatha Yoga" journey. The ultimate contributor and there will be no stopping. Trust me, it is rewarding and fulfilling. My on-going Hatha Yoga journey in tandem to my Hindu sense and sensibility. I'm loving it. 
Now, the point of this pitching? Nava K & Her Service To Lord Murugan? Am I trying show off? Or I love bragging about myself? Or I am blowing my own trumpet? Or I want all of you to look up at me? You go ahead and decide. Or feel free to judge me. Whatever. Up to you. On my part?  I am trying to convey the message that, through Hatha Yoga, I am learning Hinduism. At this age. "My Fifty Five Life". Never too late right? I know. Nothing is too late by the way. Never. Take care guys. See you again in the next pitching of mine.

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