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Kuantan (Pahang) - My Travel Guide

Kuantan and this lady Nava K, seriously, dead serious actually, who want to achieve one of her missions, for the longest time she has been harbouring “To Love Malaysia Is To Discover Malaysia”? She mind you, no doubt been doing good so far, yet, she is not going to pull the brakes to inbound sightseeing (Penang Sightseeing, Pulau Ketam & Langkawi). What about Kuantan, are you asking? Honestly, we were alien to each other. We never ever met at all. This is our first ever time. Strange isn't it? I know. Speak about what else and the things we are aiming to achieve, while knowingly or unknowingly allowing the years to pass by, and then, without us realising, kick the bucket or living to regret? Inevitably.

Life! Tell me. As complicated as it may seem, maybe it is really complicated, I still believe we must selfishly take our moment to within our country exploring (Melaka, Alor Setar, Sungkai Perak & Port Dickson). Especially if you are travel enthusiast like myself who love the whole concept to as many places jotted down on my pride and joy travelling ledger. Luckily, no, no, not luck, there is no such a thing as luck by the way, instead we are the ones who initiate our own travelling notes, glad I was I finally initiated Kuantan after all these 53 years behind me. Otherwise, trust me, this east coast city of Malaysia belonging to Pahang, located near Kuantan River wide mouth like mine and facing South China Sea, most probably will remain mysterious forever to my Malaysian me.   

Vistana Kuantan City Centre checked, off we left for meeting our friend in his office within an industrial area. Food of course is the first forefront and foremost friendship binding agent for us Malaysians? You bet. To Restoran Chui Shui Station Two, coffee shop behind, the first one and between the rows of shop-lots, food obviously was the start up for friendship bonding. Not bad. I really didn’t expect such an unassuming restaurant will offer a mini tea time for within the nearby vicinity hand skilled workers. Simple humble fried packet Mee Goreng wasn’t the best deliciousness, yet a favourable hunger calling, washed down by teh tarik.

Subsequently, we drove to Panching Sivan Temple Gua Charas, since, yes me, I insisted and persisted. Unheard of all these years, if I didn't do my home work prior to leaving home, I wouldn't have known that Sivan Temple is a Kuantan Hinduism must blessings. Sadly though, my holiness seeking halted due to rain crazily lashing. But nothing no lost to god's faith because our next stop at the heart of Kuantan where Sultan Ahmad Shah State Mosque is, the other must do, must see and must experience, was the other open door different religion religious chapter.    

Into Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque just after their evening prayers, I was politely told to return again at the stipulated time for tourists. Given jubah over me and the same humble young guy guiding me throughout the mosque, at the same time telling me the do's and don'ts all tourists must abide, he was also curious in finding out why me, the different race and religion Malaysian is paying homage to Muslim god. Well, my answer I think hit the nail. There are no borders and boundaries to all religion regardless? Resembling Turkey Blue Mosque (Istanbul) and Dubai Blue Mosque (Dubai One Day Tour), Sultan Ahmad Shah Mosque, a majestic, spacious and true calling of god's presence tranquil beauty is sincerely and genuinely, trust me, our Malaysian blood tourism honor.   

Thereafter, on our way to Teluk Tongkang, we stopped by at a sea beach front. Can't remember which is which, neither was I keen, still, I am certain you will stumble upon other such Kuantan sea fronts once you drive along the inner roads. Standing, watching, eye gazing and marvelling over this absolutely wondrous free nature water wonder for most to most, 10 minutes or so, later, we headed to the said Teluk Tongkang.

Overall quiet during this weekday off peak season. Only a couple of stalls in action, yet notably, a good handful of people, I think mostly locals if I am not mistaken, doing their leisure moment in Teluk Tongkang. We walked as far as we could on the metal pavement walkway alongside some of them. Further and further, while inhaling the fresh air and listening to the sound of nature sea water and till the huge rock bolsters across the sea. Monkeys along the way obviously were a sight of naughtiness. Also, having a ball of time needling us. Harmless species but please don't try your antics on them. Leave them alone or if you badly want to feed them, I say none. As you wish.   

Smashing! Smashing god given nature Teluk Tongkang. Sun glowing slowly fading and me and my legs in sea water. A winning sightseeing formula in Kuantan. My-my! Body, mind and soul blowing therapy. Wish I had more time in hand for further exploring Teluk Tongkang, but time indeed caught up on us and we too didn't feel comfortable in night darkness. Nothing much to do anyway, unless you want to night water dip or if you have booked yourself into one of the hotels, I reckon you can continue awing at Teluk Tongkang from your room? 
Where to next? Part 2 Kuantan pitching of mine shall be the point. Alright?    


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