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Vistana Kuantan City Centre

Airbnb, no air whatever air home stay, relatives/friend’s house or hotels? Say all you want, say all you like or say none, perhaps better for you not to open your mouth, hotel is definitely our absolute number one pick. Hotel. Yes hotel. Not the budgeted nor low cost hotels though, neither we are free loaders, nothing is free in this world for your information, but a decent hotel we can afford. Of course, given a choice, I want the best among the rest. Maybe if there's 7 star or 8 star high status exclusive hotels, I want it all. Yet, the reality is otherwise. Unless money is sunny, come on people, let's get real. Can we travel within our means? Precisely. 

Money, yes money is the show time or no show time to everything and anything, including for social media come one come all see my impressive life. These days, believe me you, hotel stay may not necessary be pricey because we can actually milk the cow of the best deals out of online travel booking platform. Choices are substantial. Nevertheless, as far as know, breakfast is non inclusive. Not a big deal for me. In fact worthless for a small eater like me and the matter for a fact is that I actually prefer to stick to the unlimited editions of our Malaysian street food or coffee shop eating. Street food on the other hand, wherever, I am not denying can give you the runs. No worries. Carry some charcoal tablets. You should. Unless you can't control your major massive bum butt burning and non stop runs?  

How about Vistana Kuantan City Centre (Jalan Teluk Sisek) are you now asking me? Are you asking if Vistana Kuantan City Centre is located within where you can grab some street food? Potentially yes, but you still have to drive, or grab a “Grab” or you are all in for exercising your legs. Walking no doubt is one way of keeping yourself fit while travelling or even maybe you can, I am just saying, you can loose maybe 1 kilo or two, but never walk the streets when the sun had gone down on you. Our Malaysian streets? I am not frightening you, I am actually telling you that safety while travelling is vital. Tell me? You never know. 

Walking in at about 3.30pm, half an hour later than the actual check in time, Vistana Kuantan City Centre like most 4 star hotels (Light Hotel Penang, Jonker Boutique Hotel & Starcity Hotel Alor Setar) I have already left my footprints behind was a capturing eye pleasure (The Wembley Penang). No, no, I am not saying luxurious (Casa Del Rio Melaka), but modern and stylish lobby where there is enough space for you to relax. Unless of course if its full house, expectation must run low. Attended to almost immediately and by the appreciated customer service after parking our car at the across the hotel parking area, you can also park at the basement, we collected our room cards before heading to our smoking room.  

Our exclusive deluxe room? Wow! Clean, romantic, in tandem contrasting dark and bright colours, comfortable double bed and nothing nor is short changed in terms of towels, drinks and toiletries. Pretty much what you expect is what you get and wifi? Honestly, I gave up. Wifi at its whims and fancy, as if playing sparks and hide and seek until I became my service provider dependent. View from our room? You mean staring at the roof tops and 1/4 angle of the pool? What is there for me to say? How about their other facilities and breakfast? No comments because I left the room within half an hour prior to returning late night and night morning, we checked out by 10am. Must I, should I, will I recommend Vistana Kuantan City Center? Vistana Kuantan City Centre for the price we paid didn't let us down.   

Of course if you insist I must also introduce to you a budgeted overnight (RM45.00) in Kuantan. Lorong Air Puteh 96. Corner lot house within a quiet residential area where our co-pilot put his head down at night. Decent, clean and I think most to most, three people to a room. Basically a space for sleeping, showering and watching tv.   


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