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The Golden Triangle Boat Ride (Chiang Rai - Thailand)

Myanmar (Myanmar Across The Border Of Mae Sai) literally ran over me like a big hot furnest bulldozer. Massive traffic in all directions between the cluttered roads, motorbikes and cycles, dust flying all over and weather really got to me. Sweat dripping soaking wet within the few hours, no, no, don't get me wrong. I am not sulking nor complaining. After all, what is travelling if you can't put up with expecting the expected or unexpected? There's by the way no guarantee to none while travelling, I guess we have to make do with it for the best or worst which in return does do a whole lot of good by exposing us to seeing and understanding how different parts of the world is functioning differently than ours. But if by any chance you are not someone who is apt for exploring the not nice context of travelling, I suggest you sit at home Chiang Rai, Chiang Mai Day 2 & Chiang Mai Day 1) and grow old as a grumpy pot. 

Having said that, honestly, I was truly glad we returned back to Chiang Mai. Any more time in Myanmar, I would have been a gonna. Dropped off at this particular area where the boat ride will be taking off within the next half an hour, first thing first for us. Where is the toilet? As it is, we didn't dare use the public toilets in Myanmar, tell me about the ones in this small village of Chiang Saen? Between the rows and rows of shops and stalls, we really couldn't spot a toilet until we practically dashed and ran for our pissing further up in one of the shops. Oh no! Akin pissing in a dark hole without lights, to tell you the truth, after closing the shaky and shattered door, I really couldn't see anything but pissing must take place. It did. What a relief before my bladder would have raptured busted. Thank god for the tap for washing down there, we then headed back to the river bank while catching a glimpse at Wat Prathat Pukhao and also passing by us young monks.     

Boat arrived, three of us carefully hopped inside, subsequently, we rested back for allowing our mind to wonder as far as we can towards the river and gasping the fact that The Golden Triangle (Saam Liam Thong Kham) is the meeting point of Laos, Myanmar and Thailand. Sop Ruak as the locals call it, and where Mekong River and Ruak River intercepts. Set high on a hillside, The Golden Triangle historically used to be well known for opium trading but it now draws a constant stream of tourists like us. Conclusively, we loved this nature splendour. Gave us ample time for resting our worn out legs, and by itself, as the boat started moving, you can see the temples and daily activities in Chiang Mai from one side. Pretty much a sincerely appreciated water joy, thereafter, we got down at the small island named Don Sao, belonging to Laos. 


No visa is required to visit this island, but in case you want to venture further, logically I think you should that you need to get the visa done. What's there in Don island? Indulge in cheap booze, purchase the imitation stuffs, or rest over a drink once you have seen it all within most to most 10 minutes or so.    

I may not have fancied the things, nor was the temptation great, yet, stopping at this island did make me feel as though I have achieved another travelling milestone. Its basically like you have seen a tiny part of Laos. Indeed, trust me, worthy and why not since its included in your boat ride.
Returning back to Chiang Mai across, we had dinner, we called in a night in Holiday Villa and next morning after breakfast, back to motherland of Malaysia. All in all, it was quite a favourable trip. Akin a short and sassy 3 nights 4 days much needed holiday for getting rid of the daily grind stress of earning a living, as well as ditching aside the no end to daily household chores. 


  1. beautiful,i need to visit all these places
    Keep in touch

  2. I love thai street food they were yum.

  3. Very nice clicks...I liked that the island does not require any visa

  4. I always love these boat rides! Lovely pictures!

  5. it seems to be a beautiful place.. beautiful pictures :D

  6. How wonderful. I was here years ago! ^.^

  7. I've always wanted to go to Thailand- this sounds like a nice and relaxing day! :)

  8. such a beautiful place it seems nava hope you really enjoyed

  9. This place has so much of beauty and a boat ride is always amazing.. thanks fr sharing

  10. Love to be there too, Nava! The place looks so serene! xoxo

  11. beautiful place... I love boat rides and the place is such a beauty it becomes more interesting :)

  12. Wow!This was once a notorious river junction


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