Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Sarawak Laksa

Guys, I thought maybe for the time being, we will just stick to within our Malaysian recipes instead of humping and jumping to other countries around the globe and most probably, my last few recipes have indicated that I am staying put and standing on my Malaysian ground (Ayam Pongteh & Chicken Vindaloo). Of course, I am not denying that a gastronomical tour to other countries is definitely a food show for exposing us to the various types of cuisines (Singapore Laksa & Vietnamese Noodle Soup). Yet, to a certain extent, I think we must do our local food hunting as well. Trust me, I myself personally have not completed making noodles from our different states (Cantonese Yee Mee, Malaysian Sour Spicy Fish Noodle Soup & Penang Mee Yoke), though Curry Laksa, or Laksa Lemak or Curry Mee been trended in this space of mine (Nyonya Curry LaksaMalaysian Lamb Curry Noodles & Penang Curry Mee) and back then, don't know how moons ago, I did make a trip to Sarawak whereby I tuck into their well known Sarawak Laksa.

Still, to tell you the truth, I really can't tell you how it tasted. In fact, I can't even recall which one from where and when I decided to make another round of curry laksa, all that popped on my mind was Sarawak Laksa (Home Made Curry Mee & Vegetarian Curry Mee). However, for staying within the limits on what can possibly be added into Sarawak Laksa, I opted for only prawns because like I have already told you before, my other half-half is anti pork and chicken, and beef is a taboo for both of us (Prawn Curry Laksa  & Prawn Noodle Soup). Referring to a couple of recipes which definitely projected a whole lot of ingredients, I decided I will stick to ingredients within my reach and I had. Henceforth, I coined my style to Sarawak Laksa paste which of course is the most important and once paste is cooked alongside coconut milk and the rest of the other ingredients, broth generously ladled over noodles. Sarawak Laksa my style? Absolutely satisfying to your tongue, throat, mouth and tummy. 

1 cup prawn shells/heads
6-8 fresh prawns - de-vein, leave the tail on and pat dry.
1 cup thick coconut milk
1-2 pieces dried tamarind/asam keping (can replace with tamarind juice)
Tofu pok - cut into pieces (as needed)
1/4 cup oil
Salt for taste

For laksa paste
For toasting in a dry pan quickly
2 tbsp white sesame seeds
1 tbsp coriander seeds
2 star anize
1 tsp cumin seeds

Other ingredients
10 dried chilies (or as needed)
1 lemongrass
1 inch galangal/lengkuas
1/2 inch roasted belacan/shrimp paste 
4 shallots
5 cloves garlic
1 tsp nutmeg powder
1 tsp curry powder
 5 candlenuts/buah keras

For assembling (as needed)
Noodles - blanch to soften (any type)
Coriander leaves - slice

For making curry paste,  add all the ingredients listed above and blend to a thick smooth paste.
Tip curry paste into a  muslin cloth or sift and squeeze out every bit.
Keep aside.
Simmer prawn shells/heads with 1 litre of water for  stock.
Drain and keep stock aside.
Season prawns with salt and fry in oil till crispy.
Remove and keep aside.
In the same oil, fry curry paste till aromatic and oil splits.
Pour in stock, add tamarind, season with salt and continue to simmer.
When stock starts to simmer, pour coconut milk and add tofu.
Simmer for another 1-2 mins.
Meanwhile assemble noodles with fried prawns and coriander leaves.
Pour gravy/curry over and serve immediately.


  1. Very yummy curry mee! You know sometimes when I craved for curry mee, I can have it almost every day continuous for few weeks!!! Crazy isn't it? hahaha

  2. Missed your colorful & tempting pics Nava last ten days. Hope u are good.

    Btw prawn curry looks yum

  3. I saw "prawn" and had to come running!;) Love the presentation and I know they taste wonderful! On my to-do list now!

  4. I heart this. Yumz .....just gimme the curry and the bihun . No need ingredients also I don't mind

  5. color looks so vibrant. as always love your clicks. very finger licking dish.

  6. Although I am a vegetarian but your non veg dishes look so good that I feel like eating them direct from computer screen...
    the pics of this one are too good, ur a very talanted photographer..
    don't forget to enter my mognon mignon sunglasses giveaway.

  7. Lovely colorful curry .yea I have prawns .So got to try this.

  8. Hey Nava, this is something new to me. I am sure it must be tasting awsome. Will try this out for sure in the coming days. Can prawns can be substituted with chicken??

  9. Priya - yes, chicken is possible and if you like, replace prawn stock with chicken stock too.

  10. My husband loves prawns and this looks so yummy

  11. omg!! hard dish to execute! You family is so lucky!

  12. Wow, this prawns in curry looks fabulous...somehow I do not enough prawns with curry, most of the time chicken...thank you so much for the inspiration Nava.
    Thank you so much for the compassionate words, you cannot imagine how encouraged I feel...yes, I will try to transfer all the post to the new site...
    Again, thank you so much for your kind words.
    Enjoy your week my dear :D

  13. Beautiful clicks.. Very colourful dish..

  14. One finger licking curry, very colorful and tempting...

  15. Nava, one thing that i like about your recipes is the color of the curry. What is the secret? When I tried the Assam pedas my color was not pretty as your curry. Really love this one, too with coconut milk.

  16. Oh simply loved the pictures.. Feel so real. Delicious :)

  17. Wow NK .. Prawns is one of my favorite .asusual photographs are great

  18. gorgeous presentation..great recipe for prawn loveers

  19. Yummy looking prawn curry Nava !

  20. Ahh, now I'm craving for curry noodles. You did a great job in coveying the mouth watering taste of this dish through pictures :)

  21. What amazing recipe Nava, the coclor of the dish make my mouthwatering,this is a type of my foods that I will never had enogh,I love prawns,welldone !!

  22. one of my favorite especially when it comes with kerang.

  23. Delicious....................i m drooling all over it!!

  24. The creamy curry looks super. Would like to taste it.


  25. The colour and flavour of this curry is quite fantastic :D

    Choc Chip Uru

  26. Very beautiful clicks nava, Looks delicious . I too love prawns

  27. Gorgeous curry! I can almost inhale the aromas coming from that table. And yes, coconut milk...there is no substitute. I would love to make this for my guests over the weekend.

  28. Awesoem you have platted it so well.

  29. No one can says no to mee curry. Its ways a great dish to have! I want to try this quick simple version.

  30. Absolutely loved the curry its colour so yum

  31. Im drooling here..this is super tempting


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