Sunday, February 28, 2016

Cape Town - South Africa (Day 1)

Travelling to South Africa was like a dream came true after I returned from the short vacation to Myammar/ Chiang Rai/Chiang MaiHonestly, never in my slightest moment I would have imagined I will have the chance to see South Africa. So, I must thank my other half for this 10 days 7 nights once a year holiday together. Certainly not the average budgeted tour, we didn't mind paying for the luxury of staying in 4 and 5 star hotels, meals at decent eateries and shopping stops as always included as well.    

All in all, travelling alone took almost 20 hours, departing from KLIA and transiting from Singapore. Arriving in Cape Town during this summer, though I was told the weather will be cold, it was just similar to the Malaysian weather. What a waste I thought to stuffing my luggage with thick clothes, then again, you never know, perhaps yes or perhaps no, the weather may change. Upon clearance at the airport, lunch called at Ocean Basket, amongst the eateries at V & A Waterfront and known as South Africa’s most loved seafood restaurant.

Quite an attractive ambiance with blue as the main colour theme, here at Ocean Basket, our meals were already pre-booked. Hence, as we sat back, service was quite spot-on and efficient. The set meal consisted of a soup, fresh salad, seafood platter, dessert, coffee or tea and free flow of water. Pretty much a decent meal, the seafood platter paired with fries no doubt showcased the fresh catch but the portion was way too big for two person. Also, not the usual meal compared to the rice and noodles I eat all the time back home, I still ate but for a typical Malaysian like me, sorry to say, not my kind of food. 

After lunch, we were allocated two hours, either for shopping in the mall or for the sheer pleasure of walking around within the area to admire the cosmopolitan and stunning African landscape and ocean views. Shopping while holidaying I have long given up. As said before (Norway & Denmark), I realize that shopping out of temptation is a waste of money, enough is never enough and those things I bought during my previous trips (Turkey & Dubai) I had to give away because they were collecting dust and crowding my house. So, while fellow tour buddies excitedly went from one shop to the other, I didn't even skim through the branded goods. I walked out of the building, sat outside facing the harbour and stared at the serene view for the longest time until it was time for the drive to Table Mountain, passing by the luxurious houses, some owned by world known celebrities and popular people. 

Arriving at the mountain, due to the misty, cloudy and windy weather condition, going up to Table Mountain was postponed to the the following day or perhaps thereafter. We then detoured to Signal Hill for the awe backdrop view of the mountain, the suburb Sea Point aerial view and the Greenpoint World Cup Soccer Stadium far view. 

Within an hour, we left and arrived at the Malay Quarters, nestled against the steep slope of the Hill. One of the oldest parts of Cape Town while still retaining some of its historical character, this short stop was to see the artistic designs of the earliest Malay settlers. Just for 10 minutes or so, we glimpsed at the unique exterior architecture of the mostly single storey houses with flat roofs painted in various pastel colours and the surrounding area.

Back again into the coach for a short drive, the next stop was to the Castle of Good Hope. Again, just a short stopover for the outside view of the 17th century fort built by the slaves and seen by many as a symbol of oppression, slavery and land dispossession at the hands of a brutal colonial regime. Completed in 1679 and replacing on older structure constructed from clay and timber, this granite castle is the oldest existing colonial building in South Africa. Today, it is a showcase of Cape’s early days and also a popular museum.  

By 6.30pm, day one sightseeing came to a draw. We then had dinner at Tao Yuan, indeed quite a lavish Chinese meal with around 8 dishes per table. The dishes were not anything special neither different but sure, we were happy as the portions were hearty and tasty and of course we appreciated the rice as well.

Next of course our first night at Commodore Hotel while looking forward to day two in Cape Town.  

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  1. great place, i like that bottle
    keep in touch

  2. Glad u enjoyed ur trip.. South Africa is a lovely place to visit.. :)

  3. It's always interesting to read about your travels, Nava. South Africa sounds fascinating...enjoyed going through your pictures and am looking forward to your next post.:)

  4. Beautiful place! Looking forward to read about your time in South Africa!

  5. Nava, I'm so envious! Always wanted to visit Cape Town when I missed a chance many years ago when I was pregnant. I'm surprised to see Chinese cuisine let alone the beautiful town. Can't wait to read more of your posts :D

  6. Luck you- I've always wanted to visit South Africa!! The views look amazing!

  7. I heard so many positive things about South Africa you doll look fabulous in the images and also capture the beauty of the place.

  8. so refreshing and eye soothing photographs...thanks for sharing it...waiting for the upcoming story..

  9. Amazing photos..Now I am remembering the history lessons learnt about Cape town.. Africa is in my to-do list for a long time.. Hope one day I get a chance..

  10. What a journey! Makes me want to make a journey to the place you visited.

  11. I must visit this place some day

  12. Loved the pictures. .must visit place someday...hope you enjoyed your tour :)


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