Monday, February 19, 2018

Restaurant D' Maduras - Batu Caves, Selangor

God and me?  Me and god? I reckon we are best of friends in our own ways. We sincerely have come a long way. From the time I was literally forced by my mum to pray. As young as, if I am not mistaken, actually I can’t even recall at what age, yet, one thing is absolutely certain. If I didn't pray, nor help mum in cleaning the altar, mum will get really angry and trust me, you wouldn't like mum when she's angry. Speak about Indian mothers those days? Scary oh-boy or oh-girl! Not to say the current generation of mums are not tyrants, these dollings, trendy, modern and social media Indian mums however undoubtedly are a different category all together. Mothers who will ensure daughters obtain highest education, never mind, who cares if you cheat during exams by writing the answers on your legs or hands, or go to extent of hiding the answers in the toilet. Additionally, if at all you settle down, its okay as well if you fancy frilly change boyfriends like changing clothes, but when its comes to settling down, you must marry the richest man on earth. Doesn’t really matter whether you are marrying a pimp, a drug pusher, a conman or a casanova. All that can be hidden as long as he is "Money Sunny Subramaniam" and he must give you a grand social media wedding. Grandest for positioning you and your family highest above par level compared to other Indians.  

Wednesday, February 14, 2018

Thaipusam Batu Caves 2018 - Fulfilling My Vows

I, I sincerely, maybe not always, sometimes, I can't put two and two, or even ten to ten together on why we Hindus are still blindly following or holding on to our religious beliefs, bench-marked and set by our forefathers, our foremothers too were no better (more at Mozer's Subang Parade). As much as I have tried, I for once can’t understand neither comprehend why we are not applying logic and reasoning to those beliefs. Look, in no way am I questioning Hinduism. Better for me to make myself clear before I am attacked by Gang 45 or whichever latest reigning gang. Lets take the recent Sun Eclipse as an example. Many of us can, I reckon, scientifically or technically pin the reasons, but when it comes to reasoning on our staunch Sun Eclipse Hinduism beliefs, all we are good at is forwarding videos by our religious maha gurus. Aplenty of gurus these days mind you. The known, the upcoming and the ones trying to make a name, who keep reminding us why we shouldn’t pray, why we shouldn’t eat and what else we shouldn’t do during the hours of eclipse. 

Saturday, February 10, 2018

Restoran Heong Kee Seafood - Batu Caves

Honestly, honest to goodness, I really don’t have any interesting food plot up my sleeves what's with me in Batu Caves. No, no, please. Definitely not time yet for Thaipusam. In fact, I don't even have to announce when its Thaipusam. You will automatically know it. When you start seeing, one after another holiest grains putting up their diviners on social media, you can include me, Thaipusam selfing and welfing indeed are the indication that Thaipusam is up in the air abuzz. I actually ended up in this part of Batu Caves because I was bored to literally death. I basically badly needed a break. The daily grind does get to us, don't you agree? The mundane daily routine of sleeping our way for climbing the corporate ladder or we sincerely die at our job, we also have to balance many other things at one go, including, not to forget, social media is a must right? For me, I must thank my Nava star since I don't have to beat the daily jam by taking up road bullying or raging. Still, my life is utterly stressful as well. Of course I can continue with blindly forwarding rubbish news on WhatsApp groups, make sure you are careful on what you share on family WhatApp group to avoid stirring up family sentiment, nothing for me is like meeting an old friend for breaking free from mundaneness. Food and friendship for us Malaysians consecutively must dance and jive together. Am I wrong? 

Tuesday, February 6, 2018

Kobe, Japan - Nava K Did It!

Kobe! Yes Kobe! Akin a mini heaven popped up, right in front of me during this winter travelling-porn (Kyoto Arashiyama). Believe me! For the longest time, for as long as I can remember, I have been harbouring the thought of exploring Kobe deep in my day dreams and night dreams. The word Kobe by itself is a magical tune to my ears. Don't ask me why. I just feel it. Or maybe, come to think of it, each time I read or Kobe beef, a variety of Japanese “Wagju”, regarded as one of the highest quality meats world around, is featured on tv, I sincerely can’t curb my enthusiasm for Kobe. Imagine? Imagine wagju/Japanese cows drinking beer, additionally, being rice wine massaged and listening to classical music. Ohlalala! Intriguing fantastica luxurious cows world, isn’t it? I know. 

Friday, February 2, 2018

Pulau Ketam, Selangor (Part 2) - A Trip With Nava K

Back to Pulau Ketam, land on stilts or land seated or standing on water (Pulau Ketam Part 1). Literally blistered and roasted. No doubt, our boat ride venture to the fish farm and floating village was really a major exciting eye opener, nevertheless, sightseeing in our mad crazy hot Malaysian weather, I tell you. I especially, massively sweat dripped. As if I had wrestled and fought in a rain battle. As it is I sweat like a dog or cow for no apparent reason, can you imagine how it would have been withstanding the burning sun at the fish farm and also the back and forth boat ride? Phew! Crazy. Therefore, the moment we walked into Pulau Ketam, we immediately dashed for thirst quenching and  this woman, yes, me Nava K, once I am out of the house, all I can think of is food. Well, you can blame me. I am so tired of eating my own cooking. Wish, I sincerely wish my Indian love other half-half will cook as well, I suppose its easier said than done. Husband cooking for wife definitely is not the way to our marriage life. Come to think of it, I have my doubts if it will ever take place. Yet, I have not given up because never say die is my strong lifelong policy. Keeping my fingers crossed. If he still insist he doesn't want even after he retires, I think I have no other choice but spank his butt real hard. Bwah-hah-hah! Just kidding. 

Sunday, January 28, 2018

Botaneco Garden Trio Oil Body Lotion (Whitening) 400ml

For all the sulking and literally regretting why I came over to Sunway Pyramid (Ten Years Sunway Pyramid), did I return home immediately? Honestly, so close I was, but guess where I ended? Can you guess? Nevermind if you can't. I'll just spill it out. The hidden beauty queen in me pushed and wrestled me into Guardian Pharmacy. I gave in. I simply couldn’t resist this akin beauty school or university beauty stores and pharmacies (Clinelle Caviar Gold Mask & Artdeco Lip Brillance). What you want me to do? Beauty product temptation is one of the worst enemies within me (Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel). Even at my age of 52. Is it something I should be proud of? Of course. Why not? Sky is definitely not the limit for beauty, consequently, no matter whatever age we are, we should bang crash the glass ceiling for beauty conquering. 

Monday, January 22, 2018

Ten Years - Sunway Pyramid

What brought me back to Sunway Pyramid? None other than for Faber Castell color pencils. Now, now, I know what's going through your mind. I know you must be thinking I must be out of my freaking mind for coming this far just for the sake of buying Faber Castell? Before you open your mouth, think, please take a look at the selection of Faber Castell's colors at their counter in Pyramid and then we can debate, discuss or you can even go ahead by proving me wrong. Mission accomplished, mission of buying color pencils was for my neighbour's housekeeper who will be returning to Philippines permanently in the next few days. For her kids actually. Yeap. We have bonded for the last two years, we became good friends and I really wanted to return her good deeds for taking care of my plants when I am away. 

Monday, January 15, 2018

Watsons Blood Orange Shower Gel

Body beautiful! Work that body of yours please. All of you please. Male and female please. Wanna know why? Because keeping fit is undeniably is the major attraction on social media. And ladies, can you for once stop lying to yourself that you don’t envy or wish for a slim fit body, and you men, I think you might as well stop pretending that you don’t body lust body beautiful women, or even men (ahem!). Having said that, in any case or all your body pillow cases, the reality bullet to body beautiful is not as simple as we perceive or yearn for. We Malaysians, tell me about it, we just so love food. Food is all we think of all the time, even funerals these days are a food galore (Restoran Meng Kee Old Klang Road). Food indeed is the biggest temptation. I admit I can be a piggy pig. I love eating. So, I can pretty much understand why keeping our weight is not as simple as we preach? Unless of course for those who eat, as well as work the body of theirs.  

Tuesday, January 9, 2018

Kyoto, Japan ( Day 2) - Nava K Did It

Winter in Japan or even Korea is a big major do-do. You must believe me. I know what I am talking about. Though I am yet to conquer the whole of Japan or Korea, I have had my fair share of winter share. Primarily in Hokkaido (Hilton Niseko Village, Noribetsu & Sapporo/Hokkaido) whereas in Korea (Seoul Day 8 &  Korea Incheon) I was told about winter luring tourism by the “half-past-six” tour guide who literally bragged how busy he gets during winter and by the second day in Kyoto, I saw it for myself. Honest to goodness, I really don’t know what’s with winter and the Chinese, but they are mind you the majority of the tourists. In fact, I hardly bumped into another Indian, may be not even Caucasians too in Hokkaido neither in Korea, albeit there are Indian restaurants in these part of the world. Unbelievable true! Chinese just so love snow and coming with it cold wind which literally can blow me apart like winter huge cannons. I have told you before right? Aha! I can also still clearly remember telling you I am not at all a winter user friendly person. It’s really crazy for me. Nonetheless, in all fairness, I admit that experiencing winter is part and parcel of real time globetrotting (Ankara & Bolu, Turkey &  Istanbul). No two ways about it. We must, if we want to know whats weather like in other parts of the world, we must do at least one winter holiday. Remember something. Travelling during different climate zones is definitely our first hand, leg, boobies or even “vjj” exposure. Potentially for adding value to our travelling profoundness.

Friday, January 5, 2018

La Belle Saison - French Cuisine (Kota Kemuning)

A year back, approximately, give in and take, we food ventured to La Belle Saison. La Belle Saison at that time was still at its milk bottle infant stage, and learning curve, no doubt was taking place, but not at a major quantum leap. That’s why, most probably, as per say according to our strong palates, there were some flaws in the dishes we tucked into. Obviously I definitely didn’t want to keep my big mouth shut, though this man of mine kept sounding me to keep quiet. Like I cared anyway, I know I can be bold and blunt, yes, I know myself better than any of you, I still went ahead by putting my thoughts across. Of course, I started off by buttering chef on what we liked and then, I broke the news on what we didn’t fancy. Chef in return took it calmly. I think he even appreciated my honestly. He should. Don’t you think so? Most customers won’t bother speaking their mind. They just won’t return again. Some owners too are not receptive to feedback. They feel as though we are belittling their chef skills. I personally have encountered such chefs who think they are one class about the rest. Additionally, they can be quite arrogant and "Mighty Joe",  mind you. Wish I can shame them, then again, better not make enemies. As it is, I have been told, indirectly, to sugar coat my articles instead of being myself. Therefore, for the time being, I will mellow down. Only temporarily because my true characteristics, no matter what, can't be hidden within me. Pity my man. Should I? You think about it, okay?  

Tuesday, January 2, 2018

Artdeco Lip Brilliance - Long Lasting Lip Gloss

I made it. By hook or crook, on time. Actually before time for Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches Food Review. Tummy heartily tucked, on my way out of Mid Valley, I, trust me, literally wobbled the moment I passed by Sasa. Literally. My legs literally didn’t want to walk me any further. Still, I continued walking by ignoring my beauty magnet lust for Sasa until I couldn’t take it anymore. I told myself that if I don’t walk into Sasa, most probably my head will explode into two. Honestly everyone, I admit I have this utmost liking for all things beauty care and makeup nice. Maybe, not so much for coloring painting my face, but sure, I wouldn’t mind picking up masks and all that beauty favourable for my fifties skin. Because I want to, I can’t speak on behalf of others though,  I still want to look good for my age as long as I can. No easy feat. Trust me. Akin a beauty battle. Nonetheless, I guess if we want to maintain our looks, we must not, no, we shouldn’t give up.

Saturday, December 30, 2017

Pulau Ketam (Selangor) - A Trip With Nava K

I think, actually, I am not even sure. Maybe, I like to believe that my other half-half is beginning to see our marriage florescence light tunnel. Believe me, for years, I have been battling with this man on our partnership love bird travelling. I may have failed, maybe, since I am yet to master the art of being a commanding, demanding, control freak and tyrant wife after all these years? Albeit, mind you, I have, from time to time been drilling in his head on us travelling together. Nothing really materialised, sadly no, though I admit we have embarked on our tour travel, every two years once (Noboribetsu Hokkaido & Bergen Norway). Other than that, what else is there to say? Some of you ladies may, I'm assuming, understand what I trying to say. What else? Men and their workholism madness obsession? Thrown in their co-curricular self proclaimed activities. Business entertaining, football craze, sleeping and, enlighten me, what else? I'm lost for words actually on the despicable, over they years, marriage revolution.  

Tuesday, December 26, 2017

Siong Huat Bak Kut Teh (Pelabuhan Klang) Selangor

How did Nava K end up in Port Klang? Nava K all the way to Port Klang? Intriguing story plot actually. I really can’t wait to tell you, sincerely, you may not even believe it. Nonetheless, instead of allowing Nava cat out of her own bag right now, right at this juncture, lemme keep it as a classified KGB or even FBI Indian file. At least till I spill all of it in the next sharing. I promise I will bare front and bare back all of it. Suspense by the way, I reckon, don't you agree is your mind and my mind boggling and wrecking? Undoubtedly, suspense indeed is a heart killer, I know, patience obviously is not a virtue anymore. Don't believe me? See how impatiently everyone is killing each other, even family members, all because of money suspense? Still, whatever said, my dear followers, I suggest you patiently await in suspender or suspense on what's with me in Port Klang (Khuntai Thai Banting, Coconut Flower Telok Gong & Bagan Hailam Klang)

Saturday, December 23, 2017

Clinelle Caviar Gold Firming Facial Mask

Looks like there’s a major hurricane exodus amidst bloggers for spiralling their position in the game of being social media influencers instead of continuing with blogging. Only god knows why, I don’t know why, seemingly, bloggers are not too keen in blogging anymore. True enough, obviously, enthusiasm has already plunged deepest down because making a name in the social media world undoubtedly is the priority. Of course. Wanna know how they do it? Well, cheating by following and then unfollowing, believe me, is still the dirty league for building as many Instagram followers. Some bloggers, obviously too, are simultaneously speeding towards tubing their bulbs alertly in YouTube ranking. What’s actually going on in the virtual world, are you asking me? Beats me! Okay, okay, I think I have figured out. Number of followers literally is the number crunching for drawing sponsors attention. The battle is certainly rocking flashing. Best of luck to each one of them, meanwhile, I am still faithfully enjoying writing. 

Tuesday, December 19, 2017

La Mer - The Moisturizing Soft Cream

Been pending for some time. I have actually been toying, thinking and debating whether I should start using La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream on my 53 year old, combination sensitive skin or allow it occupy a permanently space on my beauty dressing table. I did though initially, believe me, in all atop super "Yippie-Yeh" excitement, apply La Mer The Moisturising Soft Cream, perhaps for 4 to 5 times. Subsequently, for some reason or rather or for reasons I myself am unsure, I ditched it aside completely.However, logically, we all are aware that there’s no point hoarding such an exclusive, really expensive and breaking our bank account moisturizer. Unbelievably expensive, mind you, at least for me. Remember I told you previously (La Mer Eye Balm & La Mer SPF 50)? Of course, for the rich and famous or those hard core beauties, paying almost RM800.00 for this deemed as the magical formula cream is no sweat dripping. But for the ordinary average women like us, the reality is that expensive does not mean better. Instead it should definitely be which cream will do justice for keeping our skin supple, and as I have been constantly reminding you, remember, above all, its about spending according to our budget. (Biotique Bio Morning Face Lotion).  

Friday, December 15, 2017

Kyoto, Japan (Part 2) - Nava K Did It

Where did I pulled the brake previously? Oh-yes, I took all of you all the way to Arashiyama right? Of course I did (Kyoto Arashiyama). Arashiyama, till this day, let me tell you, is still lingering on my mind. An absolute memory capsule, truly, I have pinned Arashiyama as a major travelling badge achievement on my fleshy chest. Arashiyama on the whole is utterly stunning, nevertheless, the one spot which captured conquered me the most is Sagano Bamboo Groove. Grooving colourful bamboo and Nava K grooving along with it. Literally. Lemme now continue with what we did after our first ever meal in Osaka. We headed to Gion District. What’s there in Gion, are you asking me? Well, for those of you who have already visited Gion, I speak no further. Yet for the benefit of the rest who will be visiting it in the near future, I bet you will because Gion has already made its mark on Kyoto's map, moreover, its where you don't want to miss out on being seen for social media purposes. Don't forget to carry your selfie stick. Nevermind if you accidentally or purposely poke others. Who cares right? Let's be labelled as the selfish travellers, why not, all for the sake of social media fame and popularity? 

Monday, December 11, 2017

Malgudi Classic Indian Cuisine - Lorong Universiti C) Petaling Jaya

I think, I may be wrong as well, still, I reckon that December is a month most of us take it easy. Please. Please. I am not saying we literally sit back and shake our legs, but potentially it’s a month for clearing our annual leave, a month we release stress by holidaying and let’s not forget that the last two weeks of December is about looking forward to Christmas and Happy New Year. In some regard or rather, don’t you agree? I sincerely believe so. Christmas by itself is not only a celebration for Christians throughout the world, many of us I perceive do look forward in jumping into the same back wagon of merry making. Merry making in Malaysia, tell me about it, as far as I know, can’t deviate very far out from our favorite past time of eating. Malaysians? Aha! Food is forever a pleasure for us Malaysians. Of course. 

Friday, December 8, 2017

Makhan By Kitchen Mafia - (Jalan 13/6), Petaling Jaya

Makhan By Kitchen Mafia. Sure. Massively mafia eating and massively mafia boozing. What a scene when we arrived before 7.30pm. Rocking and rolling. Big groups tucking into food, some waiting to be served, whereas the bar area, inside and outside, spilling over with customers drinking to glory. I could also hear music blasting from the first floor once we secured a table at the far end dining area. Oh-my! Happening. Akin all mafias are in Makhan, indeed a "Muhibbah Malaysia Boleh" crowd. Believe me. A sight I truly admired. Malaysians of all walks of life coming together for pleasuring into food and of course booze, compared to the deceiving web of Whatsapp where Malaysians debate on racial disparities, additionally, voice out their sense and insensibility on which political leader they are trying their level best to boot out. Colorful Malaysia, isn't it? I know. But in Makhan By Kitchen Mafia, Malaysians fearlessly blend in as “One/Satu Malaysia”. Fantastic. 

Sunday, December 3, 2017

Langkawi (Kedah) - 2 Nights 2 Days (Part 2)

Honestly, if I am to speak my mind on breakfast next morning in the cramped dining area, I must brand it as such a corny thing (Langkawi Part 1). Basically, food to keep your tummy warm. That's it. Forget about taste and what not, maybe because I have tucked into really sumptuous buffet breakfast in 4 or 5 stars hotels (Casa Del Rio Melaka) before, this breakfast came on as an irritating thingy. Dishes disappearing as quickly as they were refilled because people were akin scrounging scavenging for free food. Not at all a pleasant sight. Mannerism ditched aside, food spilled all over the place, disgusting more than anything else. I really hate such an ugly scenario, albeit I won't complain about the ordinaries like bread, jam, scrambled eggs and the rest of the items anyone can prepare (Port Dickson Part 2 & Sungkai Perak). But if you are asking me about the rest of the dishes, goodness gracious, I rather not even waste my time telling you. I did however tuck into a tiny bit of food (Alor Setar Kedah), of course coffee is a must (Penang Thaipusam) for me first thing in the morning. 

Monday, November 27, 2017

Roti Xpress @ Hartamas Shopping Centre

What I expected and what it turned out to be was totally across the board. I, honest to goodness, while making my way to the third floor, was imagining I should be walking into a café. Not the case though. Roti Xpress Malaysia is actually an open space eatery. No, no, please don’t get me wrong. I am in no way shooting down Roti Xpress's concept. Just that because our mind, okay-okay, maybe better for me to speak for myself instead of assuming that great minds like mine (oppsiee!) think alike, assumption is a major “F” up I know as well, I guess because my brain processor, seemingly, has been programmed towards familiarity, I sometimes fail to understand there are creative people who can come up with a new totality food dining experience. Food Xpress infinitely is one of it. So as to say in my own words, let me put it as “meal on the go” dining. No dispute whatsoever, or perhaps, if you are keen, we shall later start disputing once I am done with speaking my great mind.

Thursday, November 23, 2017

Ticklish Ribs & 'Wiches @ The Gardens Mall (Mid Valley)

Return of Nava K to Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. For the third time. The previous two took place in Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches SeaPark, this time, in their Mid Valley branch, which promisingly has already taken a bold spot amongst our Malaysian foodgram for the last one year. Of course. Why not? After all, I am the number one hard core babi lover. I love oink-oink to every bit and every rip, even the spare parts are not spared. What? This Indian lady and her undivided babi love? Sounds really corny and weird right? I know. Honestly, to tell you the truth, I myself can’t comprehend how babi love got to me. Maybe because I mix around with the Chinese instead of my own kind who can’t stand my guts? Maybe yes, maybe no, whatever or whichever, confirmed, I am a babi lingo Indian. Obviously my babi story, off I left to Mid Valley on this particular Friday. One and a hours’ drive from Shah Alam, subsequently, another at least 20 minutes of “ding, dong, bell, pussy in the well” for locating Ticklish Ribs & ‘Wiches. Well, what do you expect? I have long given up on being a “mall rounding inspector”, not at all now in my 50’s when I have other valuable activities compared to time wailing in shopping malls. In fact, I can’t even recall the last time I was in Mid Valley.

Monday, November 20, 2017

Vintry Jaya 33 - Jalan Semangat, Petaling Jaya

Social Media friendship and all that? Blow hot air as high as you like, none of my business. Of course, undeniably, I agree that social media friendship is a fantastic pass time, at the same time, for silently and slyly observing what your friends are up to. No doubt. Nevertheless, I am curious, really I am, if you don’t mind, to find out if any of you personally know, at least half of your social media friends? Met them? Friendship bounded? Think about it. I think you are best at your own answers, I definitely can't speak on behalf of any single one of you. I can't, I won't and I don't want to anyway. Instead, I rather speak from my ground on my own social media friendship. I do have, mind you, a couple of great social media friends, but most of them are kept at the thickest line, below the social media friendship boundary. Rare is the occasion I go out with any of them, neither, mind you, I have initiated. Basically, I am not at all interested. Except maybe, those smallest number of friends who became social media friends thereafter. Remember, I told you before? Restoran Lucky Loke? Sorry guys, I can't seemingly link Restoran Lucky Loke. Damn. Blogger and the latest Chrome presumably  are not best friends yet. Lets just leave it at it is. Lemme just speak about my boozy outing with this another friend of mine. 

Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Luck Kee Seafood Restaurant - (Taman Paramount, Petaling Jaya)

For those of you who love travelling and to those who have been constantly doing it, I am sure you will agree with me that travelling gram is a far much wider scope than rainbow colors. Indeed, I am with you guys. I sincerely love travelling, I can't agree more that travelling has and will always broaden my thinking wings. So many countries awaiting lined on my list, hopefully, I can slowly and surely tick them off. Of course, I won't deny that money is without a doubt the router for travelling pop-ups, especially to across and far out from your continent. I am, believe me, definitely saving. Nevertheless, I have already Instagram captured-gripped a  couple of countries (Korea, Sapporo/Hokkaido & South Africa), which in return has widened my palates to various types of cuisines. Some fared quite right, others must be booted out. Whatever said, for a typical born and bred Malaysian like me, I will firmly stand firm with my opinion that there is no better food from any part of the world except from my country. For a fact. Whether you agree or not, it won't make a difference to me. I care less. I give a damn because there is definitely something magical about our Malaysian cuisine (Melaka - Jonker Walk Part 2  & Part 3). Technically knocking aside every other from elsewhere, our Malaysian food does pack major, either big or small punches of heavenly flavours.  

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

Banjara’s Kasturi Turmeric Skin Care Powder

Turmeric. The star, top star ingredient in my kitchen. At least a tiny pinch must go into my dishes. Primarily for savory dishes, but I can’t tell you, neither can I vouch if turmeric powder will be as the most loving social media couple for desserts. Turmeric of course has garnered millions of likes from around the globe, it is sincerely one good hack, aplenty magical benefits ingredient (Palak Spinach). Enough said on our kitchen cooking turmeric, lemme now head-butt in Kasturi Manjal. Face turmeric. In other words, beauty turmeric. Not the same. No, it is not. From same family roots though, Kasturi Manjal, as far as I know is a different species, yet, still harvested from under our mother earth (Kunyit Tempoyak Sardine).  Kasturi Manjal? How can I not recall? I can still clearly remember till this day how my grandmas, yes, we Indians are not short or long of grandmothers. You should know it as well if you are an Indian. One of those inter blood connected relationship ties whereby, besides our paternal grandmothers, we somehow must address our aunts as grandma or “Patti” as well. 

Thursday, November 2, 2017

Kyoto (Japan) - Arashiyama

After two winters trip-travelling, I thought I had enough. No more winter holiday for me. Honestly, I can’t stand-sit-walk winter at all. Definitely not for someone like me who winter shiver and shake till my bones, until almost every part of my body is frozen numbed. Literally till down “there” degree cold. Down where? Down there. That my akin KGB classified part I will never reveal to the virtual world. As it is, believe me, when it rains, I switch off all the fans, can you imagine me-my winter time? Layers upon layers with or without stitches, yet I tremble. Therefore, when another all paid winter holiday was thrown at my feet (Hilton Niseko Village, Hokkaido), to tell you the truth, I was unsure. To go or not to go? Dilemma. Should I? A yes would mean I must brave winter shivering, on the other hand, if I reject, it will be such a waste for not capping another feather on my world globe-trotting gram (Seoul Korea). Eventually, what the hell I told myself. Hack aside winter, I will deal with it there and then, moreover, since my travelling legs were massively itching (Kerala India), I tagged alongside my other half-half and some known, others unknown 25 people for this back again to Japan wanderlust (Sapporo/Hokkaido). Kyoto and Osaka (6 Days 5 Nights).   

Thursday, October 26, 2017

Langkawi (Kedah) - 2 nights 2 days (Part 1)

The road less traveled. Indeed. By far, this short and sassy Langkawi holiday I think was my first ever road less traveled eye opener. All the while, I either pilot flew (Penang ThaipusamSouth Africa) or I car traveled during off peak season (Casa del Rio MelakaPortuguese Settlement & Sungkai Perak) This, my other half-half’s company trip (Port Dickson), a long winded bus journey, also, a non-inclusive of all paid for budgeted two days holiday, alongside almost 50 different characters in two coaches, was totally akin a rocket scientist madness. Departing late Friday night from Nilai during this public holiday weekend, unspeakable crawling snarling traffic and long queues at “R & R” for loo stops and one hunger stop. Massively tested my patience, so little of it I have by the way as I grow older. Thankfully, we made before time at Kuala Kedah (Alor Setar Kedah), more madness thrown in for securing a table at the coffee shop across the jetty for breakfast. Breakfast tummy filled, within the next hour, we were already among the many, some of course must push jolt you aside, what can you expect, if not all, some unruly Malaysians, prior to carefully hopping into the ferry. 

Friday, October 20, 2017

Restoran Lucky Loke SS3

What have my fifties done to me? Aplenty! Crucially, my fifties has automated me towards the core meaning  of friendship. I realise that, for some reason or rather, once fifties started crawling on my body, mind and soul, my maturity friendship button sky rocketed till the moon and sky for loudly alerting me to trash aside rubbish friends. Who are these rubbish friends we are talking about? Those who massively use us, those who constantly empty their bad and negative vibes on us, and those who slyly bad stab us. Shall we now realistically blame it on, what else can it possibly be except the competitive real time and social media time friendship. I bet. Of course. Envy and jealously. Anything new? No. Pretty much a norm and a complicated messy head banging matter. Nevertheless, believe me, once the big five hard kick your butt, most probably you won’t have any problem identifying who these friends are. Unless of course, if you are telling me that your fifties is just another passing phase? Am I right? I believe I am.

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk

I thought, I think I did, I brand chopped myself as a cleaning oil beauty. Been my one and only, cleansing oil been my one stop beauty cleanser, maybe, lets say for last 5 years or so. Basically because I like lean and mean cleansing (Hada Labo Cleansing Oil), and if I have to, I do depend on the average olive oil for my eye makeup, whereas toners has never been my beauty call. I started off with the pricey Shu Uemura Ultime 8 Cleansing Oil, along the way, I switched to other brands, but that cleansing beauty theory of mine has been already ditched aside (Biotique Bio Morning Nectar Face Wash), though I am still till this day strongly leaning against an all-in-one cleansing (Cyber Colors Moisturising Cleansing WaterSafi Balqis CleanserBio Essence Jelly Make Up Remover Hada Labo Cleansing Oil). This Sephora Soothing Cleansing Milk (Sephora Sleeping Mask & Sephora Lip Tint), by far, been keeping my 53 year old skin worthy for the last two months. Indeed, worth the buy, in fact a good bargain. 400ml for RM74.00. 

Tuesday, October 10, 2017

Casa del Rio Melaka

Been on my mind. Undeniably. Casa del Rio has already been sashed on my in-country-bound travel pail list. Maybe, let's say for the last 5 years or so, most probably because I have read, simultaneously picture awed Casa del Rio in the virtual world. Great reviews, spectacular pictures, utterly, I simply wanted to experience at least, one night will do in Casa del Rio. Nevertheless, due to distance, two hours drive to Melaka, and believe me, money does matter for Casa Del Rio, quite exclusively priced, I ditch it aside. Then again, you never know. Like they say, patience does pay, potentially, Casa del Rio still, stood still in my bold, profound thoughts.   

Thursday, October 5, 2017

Seoul - (Korea Day 7 & 8)

I made sure I fueled energized my tummy with lotsa food next morning. I had to. Remember, I skipped dinner the previous night, moreover, my last meal was at 2.00pm (Pyeongchang/Yongjin)?Right. Actually, I could have, if I wanted to, call for room service, then again, what for? Korean food is already up my throat. Enough. Thankfully, instead of the usual hotel buffet, we had breakfast in one of the unknown restaurants. Self service, comparatively an appetizing meal, pumpkin porridge and spinach porridge, eaten alongside Kimchi soup and condiments. But, eating in the messy dining area, after the big groups of tourists have left, simultaneously, while the staff were massively sulking, as if earthquake is gonna strike soon, didn't go down well with us. Did we have a choice? I guess not. I of course was  irritated. I still ate because my hunger throne was my only concern.   
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