Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Penang Road Famous Teochew Chendul - Sunway Pyramid Shopping Mall

Anything with Penang sells. Not as in Penang itself, I can’t comment if people in other states of Malaysia will speak highly about Penang food, but we at the heart of Kuala Lumpur and Selangor die-die get carried with eateries that features Penang food. Including even those from the anywhere and everywhere hawker stalls. I of course have Penang tripped. Sightseeing primarily is my call, sightseeing must also be tagged alongside food porn, food orgasm, food splendor and food glory. Basically, known as "dine with nava-k" in nava-k’s laywoman’s terms. Otherwise, such a shame for branding myself as a foodie delight, food enthusiast or adventurous foodie. Oh-yes, Penang undeniably is a food haven. But proclaiming that it is an all-rounder winner potentially can in return bring shame to my food senses (Penang Thaipusam to Alor Setar Kedah). Regardless, I must generously award high distinction and credit to let’s say 70% of Penang food. Why not? Why should we deprive praising those who have not compromised on the incredibly memory lane food terrains of their ancestors authentic traditional dishes?

Friday, June 23, 2017

Alor Setar - Kedah (Nava-K's One Day Postcard)

Being married to someone who is married to his or her job is not all that rosy and sunshiny. I know. Ask me and I'll willingly spill all of it. Its sincerely really a tough call for me. Irregular working hours, sometimes work calls for during the weekends and public holidays, and at the end of the day, no matter how late it is, I have to listen to his ups and downs. More importantly, I have to take care of myself, especially when he is away (Sungkai Perak & Pork Dickson). Then again, this workaholism does throw in some happy perks every once a while and if your life-time soulmate’s job involves inbound/outbound travelling, you might as well try your luck by piggy backing him, her and it (Chitose & Hokkaido).

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Sephora Pearl Perfecting & Brightening Sleeping Mask

Everything is competitive these days. Career is competitive, business is competitive, love is competitive, husband is competitive, wife is competitive and kids’ multilevel talent marketed by parents utmostly is a sharp edge. You name it, it’s a ball juggling competitive world we are in. We might as well include tv competition shows and I’m sure you will agree that social media obviously is the disastrous road for within our friends back stabbers? The other I must mention is the competitive virtual beauty blogging world. Real beauties, fake beauties, sincere beauties, disguised beauties and beauty by beauty apps. Bingo! So, tell me please. What else is new? Nothing much I actually presumed until I found out at Sephora (Sephora Rouge Lip Tint) that sleeping mask is the waking-up call for “my fair lady” competitive beauty loop amongst  the Korean, Japanese, Chinese and Taiwanese women. Hip-Hip-Hooray! 

Friday, June 16, 2017

Cinnamon's - Gamuda Walk (Kota Kemuning) Shah Alam

Honestly foodies,
I still can’t get over and done with the “Bamboo Beriyani” I devoured into at Cinnamon’s Kota Kemuning recently. Honest to goodness, it’s been ages I think I’ve had such a mouthwatering delicious Beriyani. Not the same. Not the same commercial Beriyani from anywhere and everywhere, nope, this biriyani by far is simply the best. Wow-Pow! Hang-on, hang-on, hang-in there for the time being. More to Bamboo Beriyani will be unveiled later, right now, walk with me into Cinnamon’s, located on the first floor of Gamuda Walk, because I’ve got other things I must tell you as well.   

Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Penang - Thaipusam (Nava-K's Spiritual And Religious Journey)

Some friends I believe are really peculiar. Perhaps I should also label them as weirdos. Wanna know why? No, no, I am in no way referring to the fake social media friends, but my most to most 5 to 10 closest friends whom I thought knew me at the back of their hands. How wrong. When I told a few of them that I will be fulfilling my spiritual and religious vows at Waterfall Temple/Balathandayuthapani Temple for Thaipusam, they burst out in laughter. Why? Seriously, I didn't know what were they tickled about? Do I look like a misfit? Not as far as I know. Despite asking over and over again, none actually could spill a concrete reason. I of course was agitated. Then again, it can't be my fault if friends judge me wrongly. Maybe because I am modern and outgoing, I can’t be religious, is it? Whatever, I've come to a point  I care too hoots how people perceive me. My life, my choices, my happiness and my relationship with god.  

Friday, June 9, 2017

Sephora Rouge Lip Tint (Fushia 05 & Mulberry 10)

(Sephora Rouge Lip Tint Mulberry 10)

Yes or no? Beauty is perfection? Yes or no? Beauty box is all in one. Silky smooth hair, hour glass shape, porcelain complexion and designer brands? Any opinion anyone? Please, please, I don’t want to hear about the disillusioned social media bountifulness. Can we get real and speak about our down to earth 50’s beauty? How about I now answer on behalf of those who are blurred by “what you see on social media is absolutely what you get in real life”. Sure, by all means, go ahead and fall high over heels with beauty videos that promotes multi-color-multi-product contouring, layering, coloring, shading, styling and what not. Basically, it is your choice, I won’t discourage you either. Always your choice. Right?    

Tuesday, June 6, 2017

Jeju Island (Part 1) - Korea (Day 2)

First half day of sightseeing in Seoul (Korea Day I - Incheon to Seoul), we returned to Incheon airport for our domestic flight to Jeju Island. Spilling over await in the long queue among the hundreds during this supposedly off peak season in Korea, who do you expect to see travelling throughout the year, except mostly “Made In China” Chinese. Malaysians too I think are seriously taking their globetrotting lifestyle "Up In The Air", in fact, even those born with a dented wooden spoon in their mouth are joining forces in trip-travelling all the time. 

Friday, June 2, 2017

Bedouin Arabian Cuisine - Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Kuala Lumpur)

Nava-K’s day out in Taman Tun Dr. Ismail. Indeed, a well money-well spent day for hard knocking-rocking the reality of wealth success. First stop was lunch at Kayra Kerala Cusine, next coffee and vadai at Aunty Manju’s and then few hours of gossiping pleasure at the friend’s house. I think we spoke about multiple topics simultaneously, ranging from inbound/outbound travelling (Icheon To Korea & Port Dickson) to politics, of course the central topic had to be social media. Social Media! Yes. Who is adjusting beauty with beauty apps (Deesse's Elujuda Hair Oil), comparing our looks to the supposedly young dollings, who has swap bedtime partners with who and bitching frustratingly on why we should like our people's post because ours is not liked in return. Well, you can't blame us. Everyone including the young as five year old or even animals have already been brainwashed uprooted towards embracing social media forces. "Like me, follow me, I want to be world sensational by garnering huge followers and likes", and some infant "You-Tubers" are such a pain in the butt for constantly sending messages to follow them. Havoc! Siva-Siva. Nava-Nava. Speak about social media. Can’t get enough right? I know. 

Monday, May 29, 2017

Deesse's Elujuda (MO) Mellow Oil For Natural Color Design Hair Treatment - 4.1 oz

First thing first please. Did any of you beautiful followers of “beauty with nava-k” read my previous review on Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment? Admit it if you didn't, that's okay with me. After all, honestly is no longer the best policy in this corrupted beauty world we knowingly or unknowingly are vacuum sucked by the so called "famed" beauty gurus and bloggers. If not all, some, sadly are indirectly beauty coating the sponsored products they receive, or, maybe, I'm just saying, perhaps we ourselves love the disillusioned beauty apps world. I however personally believe that lying in our 50’s is such a brutal beauty shame, our beauty philosophy on the other hand must be ageing gracefully by realistically maintaining our complexion (L'Occitane UV Shield SPF50 & Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara) and shape (How To Stay In Shape) instead of competing against the young social media dolls (Garnier Night Restore Cream).  

Thursday, May 25, 2017

Korea Day 1 - Incheon to Seoul

Another solo trip of mine in an arranged tour (Istanbul Turkey & Dubai) alongside 14 people I had no clue whosoever they are, Korea was the said destination. Now, to all the adventurous wise cracks who are right now reading this "Korea Here I Come" venture of mine, will you please stop wondering why I didn't backpack or travel on my own. Of course I sincerely appreciate your advise, but let me tell you that I have already before hand done my homework. What I found out is that the ordinary Koreans on the streets really can't speak English, so obviously, I am going to have one hack of a time communication with them should the need arise. Definitely it is bound to happen, holding on to a map and trying to pick up Korean language there and then may show the way, especially on "Amazing Race", but in reality, many travel bloggers don't actually tell you what can go wrong due to language barrier. Additionally, compared to 8 years ago when I had bags of energy, my overall well-being is not the same anymore (Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient).  

Monday, May 22, 2017

Aunty Manju's Home Of Banana Leaf Lunch - Taman Tun Dr. Ismail, Kuala Lumpur

Money sickness is apparently the major struggle sickness these days. Are you now asking me what this nava-k’s whole theory of money sickness is about? My pleasure. Allow me to pour the whole bucket of it. Money sickness basically means working our butt in-out for sustaining our lifestyle, money sickness is also interpreted as falling sick mentally and physically when we don’t have enough money. Really, I can pretty much understand why. Making ends meet I suppose is easier said than done, especially in the city where people judge you by the car you drive, the house you live, your grandest wedding and your whiz kids millions of talents. Basically again, money is akin the broadband router to social status and when you can’t keep up with the “Kardashians”, money sickness sucks massively.

Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Sungkai - Perak, Malaysia (Overnight Excursion)

Have you realise how stressful life is these days? Indeed, I won’t deny. I am of course not at all talking about the headline grabbing glamorous social media life many are living, I am certainly referring to life behind the fast lane which bounces big balls of fire. Let’s call the big hard balls as the challengers, especially in the city, what matters most undisputedly is money. Money! No money, sorry to say everyone, we are doomed ding-dong-bell because in front of each step we take, money is the leader. Money may be sunny in a rich man world, nevertheless, money does not fall from the sky though some people I know are under the impression that by praying daily, god will throw money down. Unfortunately though, the reality is otherwise. Slogging non-stop for your career or business is the ringtone for proud-pride status and tagging with it is naturally stress.    

Monday, May 15, 2017

Kayra Kerala Cuisine - Taman Tun Dr Ismail (Kuala Lumpur)

When the main stream media propositionally sensationalize and positively blow flying high up big soap bubbles on restaurants, I bet most of us tend to get carried away with it. Okay, I’m not any better. I make it a point to read most of the printed media food reviews and then, I’m akin on roller blades in wanting to try out the restaurants too. If I am not mistaken, a year back I read about Kayra Taman Tun and from there on, this Kerala restaurant has been sashed in my spilling over pending list of food venture. But as usual, what I look forward to and where I actually end up is the ball juggling game of my life. Instead of heading to Kayra in between the year, I actually ended up at the real-deal-real-time Kerala (Kerala Day 4 & 5) where I truly indulged in their highly spoken about cuisine. Thumbs up. Kerala food won my heart big time. Fresh water/sea catch, freshly grounded spices and generously loaded with fresh coconut milk and coconut oil. 

Friday, May 12, 2017

Garnier Light Complete Multi Action Night Restore Cream (New)

Calling all ladies in my age group of 50’s. Where are you ladies? Can you hear me? Thank you for echoing. How about we start by interacting a bit instead of the standard norm of me talking and you listening? Can? Thank you again. Question time please. What do you think of a night cream, do you think it should stand or sit on our dressing table? If you are asking me, honestly, so far I’ve only used just one and only night cream for my 52 year old skin (L'oreal White Perfect Night Cream). That too been quite a while. But I know that night cream is a quintessential beauty keeper once we hit the 50's road (Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's). Common sense I think in return will tell that day cream and night cream are formulated differently. Obviously for different purposes right? Of course. 

Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Port Dickson - Negeri Sembilan Getaway (Day 2)

Port Dickson (Part 1) Sightseeing. What an experience. Pheww! Walking non-stop, climbing up and down, sweating like a dog in the blistering sun and I think for the first time in my entire life, I actually literally begged for water. Frankly speaking, when I returned to the hotel after the few hours of touring Port Dickson, I was not only dazed in tiredness, I also felt as though my legs are going to automatically fall apart. No doubt, going from one place to the other was a treasured experience in further strengthening my backbone for bravely exploring places on my own, yet, I still had a tiny element of fear inside me. The fear I can’t let go despite having travelled to near (Penang) and far away places (Hilton Niseko Village Hokkaido & Pretoria South Africa), mainly fear of being mugged, robbed, accidentally losing my phone or handbag, or collapsing out of sheer exhaustion. Among these, the worst is fearing the fear of uncontrollable heart beat due anxiety and nervousness (My Fifties). 

Friday, May 5, 2017

Restoran Meng Kee - Old Klang Road (Kuala Lumpur)

I agree. I must actually. It is true humans as well as animals are living longer than ever. I do get the picture and I also get to see the pictures of healthily fluffy, furry, fiery or "all-in-one" hyper active dogs and cats daily on social media. Sure, animals shouldn't be denied "Stylo-Mylo" grooming at pet salons, simultaneously, dogs, cats and snakes must lovingly be fed with healthy home cooked food. Better be. Otherwise, animal rights activists will haunt down the pet lovers. Nevertheless, going by the love book of nava-k, just wondering whether the same is applicable to outwardly human inwardly animal human and 100% human-people. Happily or sadly though, millions of likes are for eating out more often, for eating-pampering on social media and for stress which is tail-gating akin the vrooming car drivers also due to constantly laptop staring-up at work and home, and looking down at hand-phone socializing web. 

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Revlon Ultra Volume Mascara (Blackest Black)

Hello Ladies,
Holding on to our beauty fort I know is rather mind blocking and blogging. Especially in our 50’s (My Fifties - I Call The Shots) when we have to ball-bearing-balance many things at one go. Working, immediate family, external family, housework and the list goes on (Menopause - My Blood Story). We may have also assumed that once our children grow up and spread their wings, we can rest back by enjoying our own little pleasures. Unfortunately though, I bet there's no end to being there for them no matter how small or big buffaloes they have turned out to be. Sometimes, it is really puzzling with children these days. Money is never enough even when they draw a big fat salary, thus, hand-outs from us will indirectly be hinted, their love as well as marriage problems will spill over to our love-nest and and the dilemma is whether we should baby sit our grandchildren.  

Friday, April 28, 2017

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Getaway (Day 1)

Ages ago, in fact I can’t even clearly recall when my last trip to Port Dickson was. Let me think. Okay, vaguely 32 years old ago. Gosh! When I was 20 years old. That’s been ages, isn’t it? Really. Not that I didn’t initiate another Port Dickson holiday, but you know how confusing lady fairs are? One minute they agree, next minute they want their unruly-uncontrollable kids to tag along, later, slowly igniting the anger fire by pointing fingers who should drive and you also somehow sense that you may end up being the banker. Mayday! Mayday! Port Dickson zipped up. No more friends forever holidays I have already decided in my early forties (Travelling Solo When You Are Married).

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Fifties - I Call The Short And Long Shots!!

The five decades behind me has insanely kicked-in a powerful force towards my fifties. Call it a whole new level of maturity, I actually sort knew that my 50’s will definitely fine tune my outlook to life. Honestly, when I first turned 50, on one side I felt a sense of achievement, whereas on the other, health is still my concern till this day. Of course, the tiny achievements I worked my butt out for has built a stable foundation to a comfortable life, whereas to remain healthy is the birth right for literally everyone in their 50’s. As it is I sometimes feel as though a steam roller has crushed my bones to pieces (Menopause My Blood Story) should I also mention the on-going family matters (Nasi Minyak) as well as trying to live within my means which does eat up on my internal and external well-being (Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti)?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Restaurant Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh - Jalan Penchala (Petaling Jaya)

I doubt if we can exactly predict what lies in front of us. Of course, we should be helped out by bomoh, medium or Indian "Samy" for a fee, or we think we have clearly charted our future. Maybe we have, but remember, life does take a twisted-turn when we least expect. Unfortunately, that's the reality due to the "intrend-spelling-bee-race" of chasing after success, fame, fortune, popularity, likes and followers instead of putting health as the priority. Busyness obviously is the reason why health is taken for granted, perhaps we are also under the impression that if money can buy love, happiness, relatives, friends, husbands, wives, alcohol and sex, money in return must buy health. Sure. I am not denying. Money is sunny, money is the saviour. But when health is critically plunged, hope is the only hope. Hope in god and prayers and hope at the wires of medical robots.    

Monday, April 17, 2017

Menopause - My Blood Story (Part 2)

I suppose the “age sky” is not a boundary to learning from each other. Of course, I agree, age is wholesomely packaged alongside bountiful bouncing experiences and maturity, but that does not mean we know it all. I am still learning in my 50’s mind you. Recently after releasing my Part 1 “Menopause My Blood Story”, I learned that women are together-forever for learning on menopause and coming with it symptoms. Additionally, I have concluded that unlike our grandmas and mums who silently battled menopause, we are liberal enough on discussing it. Nonetheless, matured women and not the trending “sweet lollipops” are uncomfortable with openly speaking about menopause on social media. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 3)

Staying put in the same hotel relatively is a matter of convenience. Its the packing prior to journeying and checking into the next hotel I sometimes find is dreary. Moreover, trending slowly in front of my 50's is the phobia of forgetfulness. I seem hyper worried about leaving behind my things in hotels. Thus, I tend to check and re-check over and over again if I have completely packed everything. Of course, hand-phone is the most precious, oh, my other half-half as well, otherwise I won't have money to travel, even my skin care and dirty night shorts and t-shirt are valuable too. So far so good, touch wood, nevertheless, unless I force move my butt to move to another hotel, I am limiting my chance of rating those hotels. In Seberang Jaya, Light Hotel (Penang Part 1 & Part 2) seemingly is the best so far based on our few previous experiences compared to Sunway Hotel that definitely need refurbishing though I can't comment how it is now. Pearl Hotel on the other hand has been permanently banished due to their blur service and back dated plunging in wifi connection whereas I can't exactly nail why we have yet reconsidered Ixora Hotel after our one and only stay sometime back.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Menopause - My Blood Story (Part 1)

Speaking about menopause is no longer a taboo. Why should it be? After all, nothing is censored anymore, literally none in this tech era of sitting by the edge of social media. You too have the liberty. Go ahead, feel free, “Speak All Evil, Say All Evil and Hear All Evil”. Who knows, you may propel to stardom limelight sooner or later in the virtual world. Who cares anyway whether for the right or wrong reasons, simultaneously do encourage kids to say as they please in the name of brilliantness and then quickly upload the video to garner millions of likes. Oh-good-god! What is happening people? Do we have a real-deal life or we prefer to immerse in social media life? I am not sure. Don’t ask me please. I really don’t know where we are heading, but one thing is absolutely certain. Pride and prejudice has been trashed down the drain. Sadly. Unfortunately. Unlike my growing up years when one wrong word, one mischief or one intolerable rudeness will lead to mum ringing my ears, these days even a five year old kid is freely using the “F” word. Why blame the kids, how about parents who curse and swear rampantly on social media, on text messages and when conversing with others? Beats me!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment - 150ml

I'm assuming that the family wedding (Indian Fashion Trends for Ladies In Their 50's) did spot-light on me. Even if it didn’t, don’t you think I should be proud for putting effort in looking presentable at my ripened 52 years? Absolutely. I must. I must also continue to keep my fingers crossed so that I can still maintain my beauty, fashion and shape for the years to come. Not easy I know because 50’s is akin another twilight zone which presumably will pull-push us back and forth with different sets of challengers. Just when we thought we had fought our own crises, comes calling the on-going family money support. In fact, money is the biggest dilemma behind close and even open doors. Additionally, how about our own set of constantly managing peace and harmony on our ground? Also, ensuring love does not slip-fall from our hearts, trying our best to avoid mounting kilos on our butts, tummies and thighs, holding back stress from erasing our beauty and I think, we still sincerely appreciate hair on our head? 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tryst Cafe - SS15, Subang Jaya (Selangor)

I really can’t understand what’s with Malaysians and punctuality. Indeed, the ugly sight of Malaysians (Moom Sabai Restaurant), either they must push and shove (Little Cravings) or they will eventually blame busyness or traffic jam is the other excuse for being late (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng). Damn! As it is I had enough of events because I can’t take the waiting time and at invited food reviews, must I also mention tasting cold food because picturing seem more important than anything else. My patience was tested again when I arrived at Tryst and waited for 30 minutes for this supposedly at 2.00pm review. Hell! Honestly, I thought I made a mistake. I kept checking over and over if I am at the right place, at the right time. Cleared. Still, I thought I might as well check with the staff who then told me that food tasting is on the first floor. So, I went up, casually spoke to the one and only person who was waiting and I took a couple of pictures of the artistic ambiance which seem an entrance to monkeys paradise potentially at the later part of the day. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence

Okay. So, we’ve already lengthily discussed on sparkling, nourishing and possibly kicking-back-and-away dark circles and fine lines you should know from where. Are you now asking me from where? Stop-it please. Stop playing devil's advocate for the sake of testing my common sense. Common sense I know is not common anymore on social media, I'm still fine on that account. Lemme be clear here. Even if you are telling me you are least bothered about keeping eyes wide alert in your 50’s or my 50’s, or you are shy to admit you have not showered eyes with TLC (tender loving care) for the longest time, I still won’t give up on you. I’ll still patiently advice everyone. Giving up is so easy right? I know. But remember, never ever give up on your eyes. Never because eyes are the visionary vision to our broad spectrum and mind you, people do visualize us through their eyes to ours (Lóreal Revitalift Eye Cream).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 2)

Buffet breakfast the next morning (Penang Part 1) in Light Hotel wasn’t as expected. Assumingly, because of an important function later at night, fully booked rooms spilled over to a long waiting line. No doubt we managed to pick some food, but, honestly, service was badly shaken up, and tucking into a meal in a cramped dining area with people impatiently waiting to secure a table didn’t go down well with us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant – Banting, Klang

Hoopla-hop-hula-hop family wedding finally was over and done (Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's). Phew! What an Indian live show to a grand wedding and also who is richer than art thou. Least expected next was the "thank you all" appreciation family dinner. Sure, why not? We were free, so, we hopped into the back wagon of car pooling to rock and roll once we hit the long stretch of sinking up and down pothole inner road on this raining day while glimpsing at the squatter living on both sides. Squatter living it may be, still, we shouldn't underestimate these people. Nice big cars parked in their open to all compound, but I won’t encourage you to compete with them by driving your sports car to Khuntai. A fat car repair bill may be awaiting due to the condition of the road. Therefore, I suggest you load the whole family on a pick-up truck or lorry for the akin a roller-coaster drive before parking in front of Khuntai or take a turn to park further inside. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's

I'm starting off with a question today. Not a brain cracking question though, but one to needle out your opinion on a close-knitted family wedding. Anything you like to say? Anything please, even if you feel like vomiting blood due to family ties. Okay. I agree. No money, no family. Okay so, I also agree we shouldn't fall for the social media crabby stuff that family is everything. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. Still, the slyly hidden “catch twenty two” reality is that family do silently watch your money, your prestige, your Mercedes Benz and your A-rated bungalow. For the Indians, they must judge you for the gold you wear to weddings. Don’t believe me? Up to you. I doubt I want to either or neither nor waste my time convincing anyone. Nevertheless, I agree that a family wedding is a joyous occasion to knit back the broken-wounded family wings back to a big ball of yarn-yawn. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the bond will still remain twisted and tangled, other times it is more politically confused akin our Malaysian political landscape. Yet, we must set aside the hurting words to join forces in ushering a family wedding or any other family jubilant occasion (Saree Fashion Statement).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 1)

We didn’t name Penang as “The Pearl of the Orient” for no apparent reason, did we? Of course not, albeit we were not the brains behind the name calling. And Penang, don't you agree is akin a household name for all of us? I don't know about you, I can keep going back over and over again to Penang and its never enough. Such a  wonderful place where you will never be bored. Much to do and much to eat, we however all this time have been heading to Penang mainly for the yearly family prayers in Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple, Seberang Prai. Quite a rush actually, attend the prayers, spend a night and back to home sweet home. I guess due to my other half-half's hectic work schedule, I didn't dare push for spending more time in Penang (Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa). Okay, I know. I have been travelling alone (Solo Travel To Bangkok), I know I can do it myself. To tell you the truth, I did attempt, but you know how it is with planning for a holiday? Plan all your want, plans sometimes does not materalize for whatever reason that pushes it aside. 
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