Friday, April 28, 2017

Port Dickson, Negeri Sembilan Getaway (Day 1)

Ages ago, in fact I can’t even clearly recall when my last trip to Port Dickson was. Let me think. Okay, vaguely 32 years old ago. Gosh! When I was 20 years old. That’s been ages, isn’t it? Really. Not that I didn’t initiate another Port Dickson holiday, but you know how confusing lady fairs are? One minute they agree, next minute they want their unruly-uncontrollable kids to tag along, later, slowly igniting the anger fire by pointing fingers who should drive and you also somehow sense that you may end up being the banker. Mayday! Mayday! Port Dickson zipped up. No more friends forever holidays I have already decided in my early forties (Travelling Solo When You Are Married).

Tuesday, April 25, 2017

My Fifties - I Call The Short And Long Shots!!

The five decades behind me has insanely kicked-in a powerful force towards my fifties. Call it a whole new level of maturity, I actually sort knew that my 50’s will definitely fine tune my outlook to life. Honestly, when I first turned 50, on one side I felt a sense of achievement, whereas on the other, health is still my concern till this day. Of course, the tiny achievements I worked my butt out for has built a stable foundation to a comfortable life, whereas to remain healthy is the birth right for literally everyone in their 50’s. As it is I sometimes feel as though a steam roller has crushed my bones to pieces (Menopause My Blood Story) should I also mention the on-going family matters (Nasi Minyak) as well as trying to live within my means which does eat up on my internal and external well-being (Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti)?

Friday, April 21, 2017

Restaurant Kepong Heng Bak Kut Teh - Jalan Penchala (Petaling Jaya)

I doubt if we can exactly predict what lies in front of us. Of course, we should be helped out by bomoh, medium or Indian "Samy" for a fee, or we think we have clearly charted our future. Maybe we have, but remember, life does take a twisted-turn when we least expect. Unfortunately, that's the reality due to the "intrend-spelling-bee-race" of chasing after success, fame, fortune, popularity, likes and followers instead of putting health as the priority. Busyness obviously is the reason why health is taken for granted, perhaps we are also under the impression that if money can buy love, happiness, relatives, friends, husbands, wives, alcohol and sex, money in return must buy health. Sure. I am not denying. Money is sunny, money is the saviour. But when health is critically plunged, hope is the only hope. Hope in god and prayers and hope at the wires of medical robots.    

Monday, April 17, 2017

Menopause - My Blood Story (Part 2)

I suppose the “age sky” is not a boundary to learning from each other. Of course, I agree, age is wholesomely packaged alongside bountiful bouncing experiences and maturity, but that does not mean we know it all. I am still learning in my 50’s mind you. Recently after releasing my Part 1 “Menopause My Blood Story”, I learned that women are together-forever for learning on menopause and coming with it symptoms. Additionally, I have concluded that unlike our grandmas and mums who silently battled menopause, we are liberal enough on discussing it. Nonetheless, matured women and not the trending “sweet lollipops” are uncomfortable with openly speaking about menopause on social media. 

Friday, April 14, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 3)

Staying put in the same hotel relatively is a matter of convenience. Its the packing prior to journeying and checking into the next hotel I sometimes find is dreary. Moreover, trending slowly in front of my 50's is the phobia of forgetfulness. I seem hyper worried about leaving behind my things in hotels. Thus, I tend to check and re-check over and over again if I have completely packed everything. Of course, hand-phone is the most precious, oh, my other half-half as well, otherwise I won't have money to travel, even my skin care and dirty night shorts and t-shirt are valuable too. So far so good, touch wood, nevertheless, unless I force move my butt to move to another hotel, I am limiting my chance of rating those hotels. In Seberang Jaya, Light Hotel (Penang Part 1 & Part 2) seemingly is the best so far based on our few previous experiences compared to Sunway Hotel that definitely need refurbishing though I can't comment how it is now. Pearl Hotel on the other hand has been permanently banished due to their blur service and back dated plunging in wifi connection whereas I can't exactly nail why we have yet reconsidered Ixora Hotel after our one and only stay sometime back.

Monday, April 10, 2017

Menopause - My Blood Story (Part 1)

Speaking about menopause is no longer a taboo. Why should it be? After all, nothing is censored anymore, literally none in this tech era of sitting by the edge of social media. You too have the liberty. Go ahead, feel free, “Speak All Evil, Say All Evil and Hear All Evil”. Who knows, you may propel to stardom limelight sooner or later in the virtual world. Who cares anyway whether for the right or wrong reasons, simultaneously do encourage kids to say as they please in the name of brilliantness and then quickly upload the video to garner millions of likes. Oh-good-god! What is happening people? Do we have a real-deal life or we prefer to immerse in social media life? I am not sure. Don’t ask me please. I really don’t know where we are heading, but one thing is absolutely certain. Pride and prejudice has been trashed down the drain. Sadly. Unfortunately. Unlike my growing up years when one wrong word, one mischief or one intolerable rudeness will lead to mum ringing my ears, these days even a five year old kid is freely using the “F” word. Why blame the kids, how about parents who curse and swear rampantly on social media, on text messages and when conversing with others? Beats me!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Revlon Uniq One All In One Hair Treatment - 150ml

I'm assuming that the family wedding (Indian Fashion Trends for Ladies In Their 50's) did spot-light on me. Even if it didn’t, don’t you think I should be proud for putting effort in looking presentable at my ripened 52 years? Absolutely. I must. I must also continue to keep my fingers crossed so that I can still maintain my beauty, fashion and shape for the years to come. Not easy I know because 50’s is akin another twilight zone which presumably will pull-push us back and forth with different sets of challengers. Just when we thought we had fought our own crises, comes calling the on-going family money support. In fact, money is the biggest dilemma behind close and even open doors. Additionally, how about our own set of constantly managing peace and harmony on our ground? Also, ensuring love does not slip-fall from our hearts, trying our best to avoid mounting kilos on our butts, tummies and thighs, holding back stress from erasing our beauty and I think, we still sincerely appreciate hair on our head? 

Sunday, April 2, 2017

Tryst Cafe - SS15, Subang Jaya (Selangor)

I really can’t understand what’s with Malaysians and punctuality. Indeed, the ugly sight of Malaysians (Moom Sabai Restaurant), either they must push and shove (Little Cravings) or they will eventually blame busyness or traffic jam is the other excuse for being late (Wong Kok Char Chan Teng). Damn! As it is I had enough of events because I can’t take the waiting time and at invited food reviews, must I also mention tasting cold food because picturing seem more important than anything else. My patience was tested again when I arrived at Tryst and waited for 30 minutes for this supposedly at 2.00pm review. Hell! Honestly, I thought I made a mistake. I kept checking over and over if I am at the right place, at the right time. Cleared. Still, I thought I might as well check with the staff who then told me that food tasting is on the first floor. So, I went up, casually spoke to the one and only person who was waiting and I took a couple of pictures of the artistic ambiance which seem an entrance to monkeys paradise potentially at the later part of the day. 

Thursday, March 30, 2017

Bio Essence 24K Bio-Gold Platinum Dual Eye Essence

Okay. So, we’ve already lengthily discussed on sparkling, nourishing and possibly kicking-back-and-away dark circles and fine lines you should know from where. Are you now asking me from where? Stop-it please. Stop playing devil's advocate for the sake of testing my common sense. Common sense I know is not common anymore on social media, I'm still fine on that account. Lemme be clear here. Even if you are telling me you are least bothered about keeping eyes wide alert in your 50’s or my 50’s, or you are shy to admit you have not showered eyes with TLC (tender loving care) for the longest time, I still won’t give up on you. I’ll still patiently advice everyone. Giving up is so easy right? I know. But remember, never ever give up on your eyes. Never because eyes are the visionary vision to our broad spectrum and mind you, people do visualize us through their eyes to ours (Lóreal Revitalift Eye Cream).

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 2)

Buffet breakfast the next morning (Penang Part 1) in Light Hotel wasn’t as expected. Assumingly, because of an important function later at night, fully booked rooms spilled over to a long waiting line. No doubt we managed to pick some food, but, honestly, service was badly shaken up, and tucking into a meal in a cramped dining area with people impatiently waiting to secure a table didn’t go down well with us.

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Khuntai Authentic Thai Restaurant – Banting, Klang

Hoopla-hop-hula-hop family wedding finally was over and done (Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's). Phew! What an Indian live show to a grand wedding and also who is richer than art thou. Least expected next was the "thank you all" appreciation family dinner. Sure, why not? We were free, so, we hopped into the back wagon of car pooling to rock and roll once we hit the long stretch of sinking up and down pothole inner road on this raining day while glimpsing at the squatter living on both sides. Squatter living it may be, still, we shouldn't underestimate these people. Nice big cars parked in their open to all compound, but I won’t encourage you to compete with them by driving your sports car to Khuntai. A fat car repair bill may be awaiting due to the condition of the road. Therefore, I suggest you load the whole family on a pick-up truck or lorry for the akin a roller-coaster drive before parking in front of Khuntai or take a turn to park further inside. 

Friday, March 17, 2017

Indian Fashion Trends For Ladies In Their 50's

I'm starting off with a question today. Not a brain cracking question though, but one to needle out your opinion on a close-knitted family wedding. Anything you like to say? Anything please, even if you feel like vomiting blood due to family ties. Okay. I agree. No money, no family. Okay so, I also agree we shouldn't fall for the social media crabby stuff that family is everything. Maybe it is. Maybe it is not. Still, the slyly hidden “catch twenty two” reality is that family do silently watch your money, your prestige, your Mercedes Benz and your A-rated bungalow. For the Indians, they must judge you for the gold you wear to weddings. Don’t believe me? Up to you. I doubt I want to either or neither nor waste my time convincing anyone. Nevertheless, I agree that a family wedding is a joyous occasion to knit back the broken-wounded family wings back to a big ball of yarn-yawn. Sometimes, no matter how hard we try, the bond will still remain twisted and tangled, other times it is more politically confused akin our Malaysian political landscape. Yet, we must set aside the hurting words to join forces in ushering a family wedding or any other family jubilant occasion (Saree Fashion Statement).

Tuesday, March 14, 2017

Penang - The Pearl Of The Orient (Day 1)

We didn’t name Penang as “The Pearl of the Orient” for no apparent reason, did we? Of course not, albeit we were not the brains behind the name calling. And Penang, don't you agree is akin a household name for all of us? I don't know about you, I can keep going back over and over again to Penang and its never enough. Such a  wonderful place where you will never be bored. Much to do and much to eat, we however all this time have been heading to Penang mainly for the yearly family prayers in Arulmigu Karumariamman Temple, Seberang Prai. Quite a rush actually, attend the prayers, spend a night and back to home sweet home. I guess due to my other half-half's hectic work schedule, I didn't dare push for spending more time in Penang (Shangri-La's Rasa Sayang Resort & Spa). Okay, I know. I have been travelling alone (Solo Travel To Bangkok), I know I can do it myself. To tell you the truth, I did attempt, but you know how it is with planning for a holiday? Plan all your want, plans sometimes does not materalize for whatever reason that pushes it aside. 

Saturday, March 11, 2017

Kochi/Cochin - (Kerala Day 4 & 5)

From the distance of St Francis Church, we crawled again in Kochi's evening traffic to arrive in Kumbalangi Chinese Fishing Village at about 6.00pm. In fact, because of the jam, we rushed through with visiting the church (Kochi/Cochin - Kerala Day 4) and also had forego two more nearby places. Obviously, traffic is apparently one of the spoilers to our travelling splendors these days, well, blame it on the rapid development of cities around the world (Rickshaw Ride Hanoi, Govinda's Perth, Pathumwan Hotel Bangkok, Pattaya Beach & Myanmar). Nevertheless, I really didn't expect it in Kochi. Caught me by surprise since none of my friends who have visited Kochi spoke about it. I was only told about how great Kerala food is, as well as it's nature beauty. I guess it simply says that we need to find out for ourselves on the real-deal of travelling instead of wholeheartedly believing others. You bet. 

Tuesday, March 7, 2017

Missha Super Aqua Cell Renew Snail Essential Moisturizer

I take my hat off, or out or drop it humbly to the Koreans. They are darn good. They have slowly and surely stormed the beauty world. In fact, they have bullet-trained even some of the successful US and Japanese beauty brands. I salute them. I mean, look at the beauty industry now. Korean, Korean and Korean brands. Maybe more affordable too since we are biting the currency bullet really hard, but honestly, Koreans have strongly captured the beauty of women and men simultaneously. Believe me. If you still don’t, I suggest you pause for an hour or two on flaunting your perfect life on social media, which I know is really difficult. Instead, surf the net to discover at least a handful of Korean products you can buy at a touch of your finger. How about also, instead of bitching about your best friend or issues not relevant at all to you, where else except social media again, please walk the streets for an umbrella view of Korean skin care and beauty products at pharmacies, drug stores and their own beauty outlets. Dang!   

Friday, March 3, 2017

Wong Kok Char Chan Teng - Scott Garden, Taman Desa Kuala Lumpur

What a name? Wong Kok Char Chan Teng. Pretty much a lengthy name for a Chinese restaurant, isn’t it? For me, honestly, sure, until I’m yet to pronounce it at one go. Maybe, I'm assuming its someone's name. Who is then Wong Kok Char Chang Teng? I don’t know. Will you please stop pushing for an answer? In my 50's, I definitely have better things to do instead of finding out who is Wong Kok Char Chan Teng, neither the popularity of his or her restaurant. But, ask me who is “Navaneetham Krishnan”, another tongue twisting name, oh-darlings, must I say? Whether I should still be angry with mum or not, I'm unsure. Even so, proud I am my name is a given chance especially for the Chinese, Malays and foreigners to twist and turn their tongue like an Indian tongue. Sigh! Nasty should be my middle finger name as well. But please, hold your tongue on saying anything about Krishnan. My number one hero who left to heaven by leaving a hold in my love heart. I love you dad!

Monday, February 27, 2017

CYBER COLORS EX All-in-one Moisturizing Cleansing Water

Hi there all you adorable followers of “beauty with nava-k”.
Especially to ladies who have happily or unhappily leaped towards the 50's, yea-yea, I am with you as well. Right now, ladies, can you please make me happy by saying that you have been diligently caring for your beauty. Thank you so much. I know. I perfectly understand how difficult it can be to uphold our beauty. Then again, please bear in mind that when beauty gets tough, the tough beauty gets going. Agreed? I'm sure you do. Alright. Let us now reflect back on what we have previously discussed in “Safi Balqis WhiteTrilogy”. Reflecting back, mind you, is not to regret why we have neglected our skin, but to smash open the beauty puzzles as in to conquer beauty again. So ladies, today, I'm going to share with you on how else you can cleanse your face.  

Thursday, February 23, 2017

SAFI BALQIS White Trilogy 2 in 1 Cleanser & Toner

I can sort of forgive women who don’t powder their face (The Face Shop Two Way Pact). Maybe, I’m assuming that these women are comfortable in their own skin, maybe their natural complexion is akin a glowing flower or maybe, for whatever reason only they know best. However, I find it hard to forgive and forget those who don’t cleanse their face (Body Shop Cleansing Oil). Putting the blame on busyness, tiredness, forgetfulness or can’t afford a cleanser is utterly a mind-blogging lame excuse. Let me stress again. Its mind-blogging and not mind-boggling in case you start finding fault on me. I know. I know how women can be. They are forever trying to put down another opponent like me. Dot. 

Sunday, February 19, 2017

Kochi/Cochin - Day 1 (Kerala Day 4)

After the delightful tummy satisfying lunch in Travancore Court, honestly, the next thing I would have sincerely appreciated is returning to my room, blasting the air-cond and tucking under the thick comforter for a few hours. Oh-heaven! Imagine, can you imagine? Snoozing away to catch up on tiredness, especially after a fat meal, also, when long walks called for while sightseeing from the time I arrived in Kerala (Allepey Houseboat & Trivandrum/Kovalam - Kerala Day 3). Worst for me. Remember I told you, I really don’t sleep well whenever and wherever I travel? Yep. Moreover, it is like this my friends when age catches up. We may proclaim we are fiddle-fit, but the reality is otherwise. Whatever it may be, tiredness will literally crack every little bone in our body. Trust me please, I know. I'm not shy to admit that after being pushed to the fifties age zone, its been "hack-crack" tiredness. By far or by near, you know what? I should have travelled when I was, maybe in my early thirties, but sadly, “no money, no travel Nava darling" Agreed?. No two ways about it. 

Wednesday, February 15, 2017

The Face Shop Gold Collagen Ampoule Two-Way Pact SPF30+++ 9.5g

Let me  begin on a different note today. Usually, you know me right? I start with my wise cracks, but today, I’ll refrain from opening my bee-busted big fat mouth. Instead, I’ll ask you a few questions. Please, please don’t panic. It’s gonna be simple basic questions. In return, I sincerely appreciate your honest opinion or answers, whichever. These questions are basically for ladies in my age group of fifties because, let me tell you that fifties is a whole new big fire ball which presumably will fry-up our beauty. Of course, the rest of you beauties are welcomed to join in our discussion, time now for the questions. How many of you actually use face powder? Any powder can be. Do you apply face powder daily, or at least for special occasions? Are you going like “what is wrong with nava k”? Is she out of her freaking mind? I am perfectly fine ladies. Wanna know what’s with the questions? 

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Little Cravings - 1 Utama, Petaling Jaya

The death of my less than 2 weeks iphone 7 at iTunes angrily raptured my heart (Restoran Orkid Thai, ShahAlam). I returned home griping tight to the highest hope after lunching at Hong Kong Kim Gary, but so-very-sad, hopes were badly trashed. Albeit, honestly, I'm quite an alien to Apple’s technical specs, I braved my heart and my hands to update the Operating System. Bang! A big bang banged me once iPhone flung to heaven by leaving behind “Red iTunes Logo”. Damn frustrating. Can you imagine? You must imagine okay? So be it I accepted, then again, what else can I do please? Back to square one. Back to 1 Utama. But, oh-please. Oh-no. Forget it. Not on a Sunday. I can’t stand the weekend mall madness, also, when I found out that Apple will take at least 5 working days to operate my phone, I ditched it in my drawer and traveled with my “oh-ye-faithful” iphone 5 (iphone 7 & Fikcles Cafe Taman Tun). 

Monday, February 6, 2017

Tempoyak Masak Lemak Sardine

Welcome back all you greatest followers of "cook with nava-k".
Remember we've already spoken about Masak Lemak, not once, in fact, a couple of times? Yessss, we have. Just in case you still can't recall, please, please take a minute or two of your precious time and refer to Pucuk Ubi Masak Lemak/Tapioca Leaves In Coconut Gravy and Sardine Masak Lemak Cili Padi. We have also touched beneath the surface by comparing Masak Lemak (Ikan Masin Nenas Masak Lemak) to Sodhi (Fish Sodhi/Fish In Coconut Milk Gravy), both entirely loaded with coconut milk (Serai Sayur Lodeh) from our Malaysian coconut tree and not with imported, exclusively packaged and expensive coconut milk. Yes please, I suggest you stay true to our local produce instead of taking it up on social media to profess that cooking at home is expensive compared to eating out. Eating out may be cheap, maybe, but it’s a fact that home cooked food is healthier and cooked with lotsa love. 

Saturday, February 4, 2017

Missha M Perfect Cover BB Cream SPF 42+++

Hi there all you beauties,
How's your beauty been fairing from last time I introduce to you a couple of products? Sincerely, if you want me to speak on your behalf, from the bottom of my heart, I sincerely hope you have not neglected your pride and joy skin (L'Oreal Hydrafresh Night Mask-In Jelly). Before I introduce my beauty in regard to Missha Perfect Cover BB Cream (No 31, Golden Beige), allow me to debunk our grandmothers theory that caring for our skin should be secondary compared to slogging for the happiness of our husbands and kids. Oh, dear me!  You know what I think? I seriously think we should ignore grandma’s theory but we must still shower her and our family with bundles of love. However, please don’t allow anyone to come in between your glowing beauty flame. Remember, no one have the right to stop you from caring for your beauty and no one should stop you from wearing make-up.   

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Trivandrum - Part 2 (Kerala Day 4)

I was already out of bed by 6.00 am for two obvious reasons. First, of course the trill, which hopefully will come with some fancy frill, of looking forward to what’s gonna Lo and Behold nava-k in Kochi (aka Cochin). The other, huh! Undoubtedly, the on-going reason. Remember? You remember I told you I really can't sleep elsewhere except at the comfort of my home? I know. For someone like me who have been travelling alone (Travelling Solo When You Are Married) mostly (Super Star Libra Cruise, Dubai & Chiang Mai Thailand) by now, I should be accustomed to sleeping all by myself in any hotel (Negambo, Sri Lanka, Mercury Hotel, Vietnam & Koru Hotel, Bolu, Turkey). Right? But, no. It’s still a big no due to, trust me please, no matter how many times I travel, imagination does still run wild because I still fear the “what if”. What if the departed decide to visit me or what if extra-terrestrials decide to keep me company? Sure, all lights are on alert mode throughout the night, the other assurance is my Lord Ganesha statue. Yet, I toss and turn all night long, maybe I sleep 3 hours the most. Sigh!!

Friday, January 27, 2017

Hong Kong Kim Gary - I Utama, Petaling Jaya

In case if you have been wondering what's my latest social status of my Iphone 7let me tell you that it’s been hell. Yesssss, grrrr!! Literally hell. As it is, IPhone 7 kept rebooting (Restoran Orkid Thai), by the 5th day, our love for each grew apart because phone shuts down randomly and wouldn't wake up until I force. Obviously, I should be fuming right? I must. Anyway, that is that, I then consulted my so-called iPhone specialist friends, yet, eventually, all roads basically arrowed, arrow yea, to iPhone service centers. Pretty much a sensible advice, instead of heading to Machine Mid Valley where I knew my patience will be massively tested to await in the long line, I drove to Mac City 1 Utama. Honestly, wasn’t a joy ride, all the way from Shah Alam via the crazy Saturday late morning jam. Later, the common craziness we all go through, parking before anyone quickly intercepted and walking between the uncontrollable spoiled brag kids who think it’s so hilarious to run up and down wildly at the glory of their parents.

Monday, January 23, 2017

Annie's Way Arbutin + Hyaluronic Brightening Jelly Mask

No, no. Not your way. Not my way. Neither our grandma's beauty way. It’s Annie’s Way. Who is Annie by the way? I don’t know. I only know that Annie’s Way Arbutin and Hyaluronic Acid Brightening Jelly Mask I bought at Sasa Sunway Pyramid (RM71.00) is made in Taiwan. Should also be available in other Sasa outlets, this mask amongst Annie’s other types of masks was suggested since I was only keen in a creamy or jelly mask. I said yes! Why not? Sounded price worthy for lightening (TheBalm timeBalm) my not so obvious dark patches below my mouth area, hopefully it will also put a tip top look on my top-to-toe overall beauty I've been paranoid as in to gear up and down for the family wedding (more at MaybellineLipstick). That on my side, to all you ladies in the same boat, the "age boat" we are sailing through our fifties beauty zone, hop on board ladies. Trend alongside “beauty with nava-k” to find out if this mask can be your beauty elegance.    

Thursday, January 19, 2017

Maybelline Color Sensational Velvet Matte Lipstick

Beauty advisers I realise tend to talk hell of lot as though beauty is at our finger tips. These so called "Ms or Mr Know It All" generally preach that “fifties is the new thirties", hei-hello!! I like to believe so. If I had lotsa money, if I am a superstar, if I have bags of beauty goodies like them or if I am a lady of leisure, of course looking forever young forever is absolute. But the real-time reality seriously is otherwise. For the ordinary women like me or for every other ordinary married woman, money comes first before anything else (TheBalm timeBalm). Additionally, we work to contribute towards household expenses, we mostly solely manage our home affairs and kids, the biggest challenge I bet is managing the nut-case husband. Grrrr!! Actually, I do have a whole lot more to vomit out especially on husbands, but I think its best we don't divert to the never ending topic. Lets for this moment in time, temporarily ditch aside husband's antics because you know why? At the end of a tiring day coupled with limited budget, I can understand why perking beauty with a red lipstick is completely forgotten.    

Sunday, January 15, 2017

WTF (What Tasty Food) Restaurant - Bangsar

Sorry to say, I don’t like to say, but if I don't say, my head will explored into two. What I want to really say is that I really can’t understand why people generally classify vegetarian food as tasteless, boring and unappealing. Help me out here please, please also pardon me if you are one of them who, no matter what, will not or have not tried a pure, true vegetarian delight. Anyway, it’s not for me to decide on the type of food you should pleasure into, neither do I intend to change the mind set of those who have pulled a brake forever to a vegetarian meal. In that regard as well, I am not referring to the countless ordinary vegetarian food you can just walk out and get anywhere these days. I am certainly referring to fresh vegetarian food, cooked with love and care in an up and running favorable vegetarian restaurant where we, yes, you, me and anyone will be 100% assured that food, drinks and desserts are  precisely made from a scratch without artificial flavouring and colouring. 

Wednesday, January 11, 2017

Trivandrum/Kovalam - Kerala Day 3

A blissful overnight splendor of Alleppey Houseboat, next morning after breakfasting and thanking the boat guys for their warmest hospitality which of course didn’t come free, we journeyed to Kovalam. At least 4 hours if I am not mistaken, Kovalam is said to be a renowned “must-see-must-experience” destination for International tourists (Colombo Sri Lanka). Of course yet to be agreed upon, yet we sense that Kovalam is gonna add another feather to our traveling cap (Halong Bay) as the other gem of Kerala. Henceforth, as eagerly as we anticipated, even the route to Kovalam is an utter reflection of Kerala’s serene and beauty of nature. 

Saturday, January 7, 2017

TheBalm - timeBalm Concealer

Looking back to then, I realize that the one and only concealer I have journeyed so far is Bobby Brown Creamy Eye Concealer. That too been awhile albeit I have tried not many, but a handful of concealers, mainly for masking my dark circles. Regarded as an essential under eye fixer for women in my age group of 50s, please ladies, try to invest in a concealer because we don’t want the challenging 50 and more years we have gone through in marriage, or marriages, whichever is applicable, career, raising kids and managing the home, as I like to put it, holding the fort together, to reflect on our eye area. Of course, no doubt, we must be proud of our achievements, which presumably didn’t fall from the sky, yet, let me gently remind you again. Please don't allow the monstrous dark circles (Suisse Programme Cellular Revitalizing Eye Mask) massively wrack your beauty.  
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