Wednesday, May 24, 2023

Blossoming Passion: A Journey of Gardening, Learning, and Perseverance

Let me take you back 20 years ago when I first moved into my current house in Kota Kemuning. It was a quiet area with not much to offer in terms of an active lifestyle. With my husband frequently traveling for work, I found myself feeling bored and longing for something more. As a lecturer juggling home affairs, I decided to start a blog and experiment with new recipes. But whenever I looked at the empty plot of land outside my house, I couldn't help but yearn for a touch of greenery.

Having previously lived in an apartment, gardening was never a part of my life, aside from a few indoor plants. However, in this new house, the open plot of land within my compound sparked a passion for gardening. I dove in headfirst, despite having no prior knowledge or experience with plants. It was a lot of hard work, but I loved every moment of it. I began purchasing pots and plants, clearing the land to create my garden. I admit, it was a major learning curve.


Visiting nurseries, squeezing large pots and plants into my car, and getting my hands dirty - gardening taught me countless lessons through trial and error. I made mistakes like overwatering and over-fertilizing, leading to the demise of many plants. But over time, with guidance from nursery owners (even though some of their tips didn't work for me), I learned from my gardening mistakes. It was a journey filled with failures and the burning of a substantial amount of money, but it was all worth it.

Today, my gardening knowledge has improved tremendously. While I continue to learn by reading and learning online, there are still some plants that have eluded me, like mint. Despite countless failed attempts, I refuse to give up. I just returned from the nursery with yet another mint plant, hopeful that this time it will flourish. If it doesn't, it won't stop me from trying again. I've even installed a beautiful pergola in my garden—a testament to my passion and dedication.

From pruning and trimming to weeding and repotting, I handle all the tasks in my garden. Except for the outside area, where a gardener comes once a month for pruning and weeding, the plants and overall upkeep are entirely my responsibility. I will pause here but promise to share more about my love for gardening with all of you. Take care, and as always, much love.

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