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Vegetarian Tofu Sambal (Malaysian Style)

Hi loves,  How are all of you doing? I bet  you are doing well and good. As for me, as I have repeated myself, over and over again, its packed to the rim, from the ground for strengthening my business, Nava's Zen ( Sun Dried Mango Vegetarian Curry & Drumstick Egg Masala Curry ). Nevertheless some things have been put into perspective and one of it, dang, my YouTube Channel , which has been giving a facelift. Of course, there is much room for further improvement and enhancement, without a doubt. For the time being, it is my sincere hope that the facelift will attract you further to return to my YouTube Channel for checking out, what is " Nava's Cooking " latest recipe.   Now, let me usher you back to this, another precious space, like Nava's Zen, of mine. Well, its another cooking story. Basically, another food love. After all, I believe food is one of the connections for friendship and food is the love to our soul. Any kind of food for the matter and sure, we