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Yu Noodle Cuisine (Jalan Sungai Burung, Bukit Rimau) Shah Alam

Yu Noodle Cuisine. Who? Yu. Yu Noodle. Yu in Sungai Burung. Their 11th outlet. Wowwwww! What an achievement! Yu Noodle and their achievement in the Chinese noodle segment which I believe we should and must applaud. Furthermore, we should also make it a point in finding out what is their critical success food factor by dining in their outlet. Don't you think so? Of course if you are asking me. And so. Pretty much. Obviously. I did it. Alright. How? How and how not. What and what not in Yu Noodle Cuisine for our early lunch? At about, let's say, 11.30am. We walking in, and by then, half of tables already taken up, plus, more customers streaming in once we were seated. All of them. All. Chinese. Except the two of us. The only two dark skin Chinese. Hehehe!