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Betong, Thailand (Nava K's Weekend Tripping)

Betong? I went like, where the hell is Betong? Is there such a place as Betong in the first place? Honestly guys, I'm not shy to admit I have never ever heard of Betong in my entire life. In fact, when my two friends, the couple, the husband and wife team I travel with every now and then mentioned Betong and also asked me if I want to join them for a road trip to Betong, for a minute or two, I really didn't know what to say. Of course, how could I have possibly said no ( Jogjakarta & Kyoto/Osaka )? Me and my love for travelling and  trust me, as long as I am able, there will no bracket to me globe tracking ( Kuantan ) whether in country bound ( Pulau Ketam , Penang  & Langkawi ) or across the sea. Anyway, once I digested the fact that Betong is actually a town in Southern Thailand, near our Malaysian border, which by the way didn't matter to me, nor I cared too hooks where I will be heading ( Melaka , Port Dickson & Sungkai ), I quickly and loudly said