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Langkawi (Kedah) - 2 nights 2 days (Part 1)

The road less traveled. Indeed. By far, this short and sassy Langkawi holiday I think was my first ever road less traveled eye opener. All the while, I either pilot flew ( Penang Thaipusam &  South Africa ) or I car traveled during off peak season ( Casa del Rio Melaka ,  Portuguese Settlement  &  Sungkai Perak ) This, my other half-half’s company trip ( Port Dickson ), a long winded bus journey, also, a non-inclusive of all paid for budgeted two days holiday, alongside almost 50 different characters in two coaches, was totally akin a rocket scientist madness. Departing late Friday night from Nilai during this public holiday weekend, unspeakable crawling snarling traffic and long queues at “R & R” for loo stops and one hunger stop. Massively tested my patience, so little of it I have by the way as I grow older. Thankfully, we made before time at Kuala Kedah ( Alor Setar Kedah ) , more madness thrown in for securing a table at the coffee shop across the jetty for brea