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Showing posts from November 1, 2016

Moom Sabai Restaurant - Taman Bayu Perdana (Klang)

Indian food again for dinner ( A MuthuHouse of Briyani )? Nooo! Of course not. Impossible (more at Hua Xing Restaurant ). Thai food at the close by Moon Sabai Restaurant, also, a familiar ground for my friend we agreed should be the take. Absolutely ( Thai Thai Sunway ), anytime for the truly loved quintessential Thai flavours ( Thai Green Crab Curry  & Thai Laksa ),  thankfully the route to Moom Sabai was not through the massive jam across the shop lots on this Friday late evening. But, quite frustrating it was driving via the inner roads haphazardly double parked almost all the way from the apartments behind. Anyway, instead of the typical Malaysian mentality of double parking albeit availability of parking further up, we somehow carefully maneuvered to the nearest parking spot.