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Showing posts from October 21, 2016

A Muthu House of Briyani (Bandar Bukit Tinggi) Klang

It happens. Every now and then life really bites deep into my well-being. I may be perceived as a superwoman, honestly, I am not at all. No. A big no. I am just like every other woman out there who simultaneously juggle different roles. Therefore ladies, obviously, the outcome is none other than a stressful monotonous daily routine. Sadly, the reality of city life these days (more at The Spa - Club Saujana Resort ). Still, instead of complaining or hoping for attention or sympathy from my other half, I become selfish. I literally drop everything aside for a nava-k’s day out. Doesn't matter where or what, but it must absolutely be in the company of a sincere friend.