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Mutton Rendang

Do I? Must I? Should I? About what? Introduce rendang to all you Malaysians? No need right? I bet you know. Unless of course if you are still blur ( Rendang Ayam & Vegetarian Mutton Rendang ). Aside to rendang, the other that need no introduction is? Mutton by itself. Don't we Indians just so love our mutton ( Shahi Mutton Curry , Aloo Gosht , Mutton Parathal  &  Masala Mutton Curry )? I don't know about you, but definitely in my house, a mutton dish must hit our dining table, let's say every fortnight or at least once a month ( Mutton Keema , Devil's Curry , Mutton Bone Marrow Curry , Easy Mutton Curry & Mutton Kurma ). And when we dine in Indian restaurants, what shall I say? Somehow, as much as we hold ourselves back, a plate of mutton dish? Mostly for us. Alright. Let's get down to making Mutton Rendang. Not a mind boggling matter like some people make it sound. Quite simplified actually if you are asking me. Follow this recipe of mine and I be