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Nasi Kerabu Biru Kelantan

Up next after Nasi Bunga Telang Serai/Blue Pea Lemongrass Rice ? Do I have to really say? Its obvious right? Another blue rice. Not any other, but Kelantan calling. Nasi Kerabu Biru Kelantan. The blueish blushing and brimming delightfully rice dish. Moreover, must I blow my own trumpet by mentioning that I quite know it to Kelantanese dishes ( Laksam Kelantan ) or even our Malay cuisine on the whole ( Nasi Ulam ,  Nasi Dagang ,  Kerabu Taugeh , Asam Pedas Ikan , Nasi Lemak Sambal Udang  & Sayur Lodeh ) and my Malay cooking list can go on and on for a matter of fact? But the other fact is that I have never stepped into Kelantan before, though I have much tummy and mouth explored Nasi Kerabu from where I am. Easily available and you should try the ones sold in night markets as well. Oh, plus, do I have repeat myself again and again? Like I have already told you many times, rice being my bestie ( Burmese Biryani , Hyderabadi Biryani & Vegetable Biryani )?