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Showing posts from April 10, 2015

Malaysian Rava/Semolina Kheer

The Indian side of me is out today ( Sardine Varuval/Dry Style  &  Pepper Garlic Rasam ). Actually, not really today, I made this Indian dessert ( Mango Kulfi ) two months back. As usual, my recipes are, sadly ditched aside due to blogging time constraint. Trust me, who ever said blogging is as simple as perceived? It is not. My plate is forever filled up with endless chores at one go. One minute is cleaning, the other minute cooking, so on and so forth. Not easy right? I know. There is no end to housework right? I know again ( Curry Leaves Hummus , Indian Chicken Curry & Bitter Gourd Prawn Curry ).  So, how can I park myself right in front of my laptop constantly, and mind you too much of laptop staring is also ruining my health ( Gobi 65 , Chilli Potato , Indian Fish Achar , Tapioca Poriyal  & Black Lentil Vadai ).So, I have no other choice but cut down on blogging.