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Banana Chocolate Cake

Baking is still tremendously progressing. I know. I myself can't believe it. Me and baking! Unbelievable actually. Guess one of those things you yourself can't comprehend or you don't know what got into you? Potentially. Also, remember I told you? The big box of cocoa powder I bought? Right ( Nescafe Chocolate Cake Eggless , Eggless Molten Lava Cake  & Chocolate Genoise ). Seemingly too, I really don't what to say, why I am mostly option for eggless cakes. Maybe due to market trend whereby aplenty people these days prefer being eggless? Possibilities are there or just that I am also beginning to love eggless cakes ( Mandarin Orange Cake Eggless  &  Milo Cake Eggless ) and I might as well include the other  types of chocolate pleasures ( Cocoa Butter Cake , Chocolate Cheesecake , Chocolate Rum Tart & Marble Cake ). But this Banana Chocolate Cake is not in the grouping of eggless. Eggs are a must ( Lemon Bars , Traditional Butter Cake & Sujee Cake )