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Chocolate Genoise

On the go. Baking is still on the go? Looks like it, but perhaps sooner or later, most probably sooner I foresee I will be pulling the brakes to baking ( Easy Banana Bread & Cocoa Butter Cake ). Enough. I think enough of practice and trying to make perfect, and also putting some much of effort on baking. Done it and I am quite satisfied actually ( Lemon Bars , Mandarin Orange Cake , Milo Cake & Sujee Cake ). Pretty much satisfaction attained, but I thought I will still do one for the road and out came from the oven this Chocolate Genoise. The other side of the coin to Classic Genoise . Of course the intention was also for finishing up the box of cocoa ( Chocolate Cheesecake & Cayenne Chocolate Cookies ). Chocolate Genoise as you can see is an ultimate sweet delight right? And the technic to making? Remember, the folding must be done daintily and without rushing. Otherwise? You tell me please ( Traditional Butter Cake ).  Ingredients 3 eggs (room temperature)