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Legend's Claypot Briyani House @ Puchong Jaya

Marketing and promotion segment on Indian radio channels, indeed, has vastly picked up. Besides the standard Tamil dramas and songs, Indian companies are now heavily promoting their products and services on the said Indian radio channels. Health boosters, skin care and hair tonics made with Himalaya herbs and flowers are the common advertisements, every now and then, colleges are also making their presence known, just recently, I have been hearing the loud blaring of Legend's Claypot Briyani House, over and over, a few times a day actually. Each time I hear how tasty Legend's Claypot Briyani is said to be, I simply can't hold my hunger back. Akin, I want to run out and immediately meal into those spoken about biryani. Brickfields outlet is way far from where I am, so, I gathered my family gang for lunching in their Puchong outlet ( Bibiwok Nyonya Thai Restaurant, Bandar Puteri ).