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Malaysian Fish Head Curry

Malaysian Fish Head Curry, aka Kari Kepala Ikan. Believe me, not the ordinary nor you should compare with those from the restaurants. Why are you asking me? Because this is a typical, authentic and most dangerously delicious, finger licking homemade Malaysian Fish Head Curry ( Malaysian Fish Sambal , Nyonya Fish Noodle Soup ,  Malaysian Fried Mee Hoon  & Malaysian Fish Curry ) Yes, stop questioning me. Fish head curry cooked alongside belimbing buluh from our Malaysian grown trees, and belimbin buluh somewhat I think can be regarded as the other side to the coin to starfruit though these are oblong in shape and greenish and yellowish in color. Trust me please, due to this really mostly sour fruit, you don't have to think twice on tamarind juice and when fish head is cooked alongside the customary ingredients ( Chilli Soy Fish , Spicy Stingray  &  Fish Noodle Soup ) we need for any curry and also coconut milk, pow-wow ( Asam Pedas Bawal , Salted Fish Bone Curry &