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Khasi Ko Masu ((Nepalese Mutton Curry)

I have been searching. Searching for new recipes and just then, I couldn't help but notice the varieties of Nepalese style mutton curries. Ohhhhh! What a food joy for testing my cooking skills to Nepalese cuisine. Recipes checked through and digested, in fact, most of them sounding like the mutton curries I have already made before. To tell you the truth, I didn't really notice much difference in the ingredients. Nevertheless, I felt good I actually found out that Nepalese Mutton Curry is known as Khasi Ko Masu. Did I plagiarise those recipes? I don't think I did and like I have already told previously ( Moo Gook/Korean Radish Soup ), remember, I have already showcased recipes from other parts of the world ( Cari Poisson/Mauritian Fish Curry , Kiri Hodi/Sri Lankan Coconut Gravy ,  Moroccan Chicken Stew , Hyderabadi Vegetable Biryani , Malabar Fish Curry , Tofu Manchurian  & Goan Prawn Curry ), and me having quite an experience in making mutton curries, what w