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Moo Gook (Korean Radish Soup)

We are going places, are we not, or should I say that I am actually the one taking you all over the world for home cooking food trail? I think I am. Pretty much we have been food travelling together, obviously in the virtual world, we can be at home and still head to all the different food destinations in any part of the world? Shall we now recall where we have gone so far? Of course everything must begin in our home ground Malaysia ( Chinese Mixed Vegetable Stew , Onion Soup , Lentil Vegetable Soup  & Burdock Root Soup ) and particularly for soups, we did head to other countries as well. More or less ( Vietnamese Fish Soup , Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup  & Tom Yum Goong ), then again, with cooking invention and cooking thinking, anything is possibly? I mean, the marrying of cooking technics and ingredients from different parts of the world ( Salted Fish Bone Soup ) and in Malaysia by itself, there's not only the three main races? In fact, there is no short of, you na