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Chilli Chicken

This Chilli Chicken is joining the rest. The rest of the Chinese or Indo-Chinese style chicken recipes I have already shared ( Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken ). More or less right? Chinese or Indo-Chinese style cooking? How different or what can be different for the ingredients, maybe some changes here and there, otherwise, its soy sauce, garlic, ginger, dried chillies ( Honey Chilli Chicken , Sesame Chicken ,  Sweet Chilli Chicken  & Chinese Herbal Chicken Soup ) or those other required or sort of we tend to reach out to ingredients. Other than that? You tell me. Now, lets get going to making this Chilli Chicken. Chicken ( Salted Egg Chicken , Chicken Kebab , Chicken Chop , Baked Cornflakes Chicken ) and chillies ( Chilli Lime Fish , Sichuan Chilli Prawns , Crispy Chilli Fish & Chilli Clams ) obviously are the main highlight and we are going to use chicken fillet or only the meat or flesh. Plus cashew nuts for crunch and bite, oh, I also decided to add potatoes and li