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Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup

Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup. Nutritious and healthy soup. What's there we should be concern in making? Easy if you are asking me. Soups by far as I have told you before, are not complicated. Adding the ingredients in a pot or slow cooker and simmering. That's it and these days, if you wanna make a herbal soup, just head to the Chinese medical halls ( Chinese Honeydew Sago Dessert , Teochew Steamed Fish , Vegetarian Chow Mein , Egg Foo Young ,  Yong Tau Foo & Fried Egg Oyster Sauce ) or provision shops. They have it all for you. Either you decide which concoction of herbs you prefer or ask ( Chick Kut Teh , Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken , Chinese Meatball Soup  & Chicken Vegetable Soup ). I am sure they will be glad in helping you out. That's what I do. I ask and all is spoken and unveiled. For this Chinese Chicken Herbal Soup, I came back home with a packet of the recommended herbs and then basically simmering alongside chicken ( Sweet Chilli Chicken &