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Malaysian Chili Crab

Malaysian my and mine again? I can't help it guys ( Pandan/Screwpine Cheesecake ). Seriously, what else can you expect from me. Its always been, my background, I have been cooking Malaysian dishes and each time I cook again, I can't seemingly break free from Malaysia. Basically, because our local produce is the reason. Cheaper pretty much for keeping my cost to cooking low ( Malaysian Lamb Curry Noodles ,  Malaysian Fried Mee  & Malaysian Spicy Sour Fish Soup Noodles ) and we, no matter what, we generally fancy our style of food. We basically love our big, bold flavours and must I include chillies for all Malaysians? I reckon I should. No chillies, I guess, we feel we have not had a complete mouth packing meal ( Chilli Aloo , Grilled Spicy Prawns , Stingray Sambal Sauce ,  Sweet Chilli Chicken & Chilli Soy Fish ). Chillies. Whether over-loaded or a tiny bit, but it must be chillies in some way or rather ( Chilli Lime Fish , Sambal Tumis Ikan Bilis , Spic