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Drumstick Sambar/ Murungakkai Sambar

Hi foodies,  Remember, we have to a certain extent spoken about drumstick, aka murungakkai ( Meen Murungakkai Kulumbu) ? That's right. Those drumsticks, those long hanging from murunggakai trees long beans. Usually, generally, mostly, in fact, most of the time, you shouldn't be surprise to see the beans swimming in our classical, Indians must have dal curry/sambar. And sambar, do I have to possibly tell you? Indian men and sambar ( Mysore Sambar )? Don't try to separate them. Don't you dare, especially my Indian half-half, Indian husband of mine. That is why, are you like rolling your eyes why I have a collection of sambar in this previous space of mine ( Sambar , Tanni Saar , Fish Sambar  &  Bitter Gourd Sambar ). Also, be prepared. I have more of different kinds sambar up my sleeves, which by far I will be releasing from time to time. This latest version of mine. Obviously as I have told you, drumstick showcasing. Indeed, a vegetarian ringing dialing ring