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Thai Green Fish Curry

I decided to go green. In fact, I have already. Green, the nature loved shade and green is also said as "green, green, greedy pig. Haha! What a punchy waking up intro, wouldn't you agree? Let's forget about greediness, but we will still hail nature being green and instead of fish for other styles ( Chilli Soy Fish , Grilled Sambal Stuffed Fish , Stingray Spicy Sauce  & Tuna Cutlets ), its a Thai style Green Fish Curry. Thai? Of course. Thais are the best people for producing green curries.They know it all. They have been doing it for years and Thai cuisine is much loved throughout the world for their big, bold and lighting up a food glow on your tongue, mouth, throat and tummy. How do we make this Thai Green Fish Curry. We will make the green curry paste and though generally fish is tipped into the later made green curry ( Asam Fish Curry , Indian Chicken Curry , Bengali Yogurt Fish Curry , Fish Sambar & Kerala Fish Curry ), I fried the fish pieces alongsid