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Sesame Chicken

Back and forth, to and fro. What else is new for cooking, you tell me please? Either we repeat the same dishes over and over again, or we put, even a tiny bit of effort for a different dish. Right. Undeniably. So, the question now is, what's in store for you today? Obviously, Sesame Chicken. Absolutely. Food of Chinese lingo ( Chinese Black Vinegar Chicken , Salted Egg Chicken   & Chinese Fried Rice ), of course Chinese style cooking ( Steamed Whit Pompret ). What is the role of sesame seeds for this recipe? Basically, after all that you have done, done with cooking, sesame is then sprinkled atop the fried chicken tipped into a sweet ( Honey Chilli Chicken ), spicy ( Indian Chicken Curry , Chicken Devil Curry , Cashew Masala Chicken  & Butter Chicken ) and that bit salty sauce. Can I go now please? Thank you.