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Showing posts from August 17, 2011

Mee Siam

Cooking is definitely a food and hunger pleasure. But trust me, what to cook for the day is most challenging. Especially for those of you who cook daily. I know. Tell me about it? I suppose the onus is on the person who take the trouble to cook? Indeed. Thank god, for us, it may not necessarily be rice daily though appreciated. Sometimes, every now and then, I do detour to a noodle dish ( Mee Rojak Vegetarian , Laksam Noodle , Hokkien Mee , Fried Mee  & Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon ). Potentially faster and in a jiffy and without compromising on the key essentials to a filling, wholesome and nutritious meal. This Mee Siam I reckon will be utterly satisfying for tummy anytime of the day. Mee hoon fried with dried prawns, Chinese cabbage, egg, tofu and chillies.