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Showing posts from March 5, 2011

Restoran Oversea - Subang Parade (Subang Jaya) - Non-Halal

Colleagues come and go. Some sincerity "go-go" whereas those who keep harping how unhappy they are, they rather instigate others to go and eventually, they will sit among the rest of the permanent fixtures. This colleague of ours really submitted, yes, I typed his resignation letter. So, we, don't know if everyone was feeling sad, or some slyly were rejoicing quietly because he is leaving, the three of us took him for farewell lunch in Restoran Oversea. A similar concept as in every other Chinese restaurant, and since Chinese New Year season is still flying up in the air, we started off with Fruit Yee Sang. Truly flying high tossing. Cuttlefish, pomelo, strawberries, crispy crackers, aromatic thinly sliced herbs and sauces jolted high up. Lovely. Yee Sang. Always appreciated once a year. We sure did. Beautiful burst of sweetness, sourness and of course, crunchiness from crackers, oh-my.