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Vegan Tofu Sambal

Veganism. What is veganism? Veganism ( Vegan Thai Fried Rice  & Vegan Pumpkin Soup ), basically is, the higher leveling up to vegetarianism ( Fresh Turkey Berry Curry  & Malaysian Vegetarian Spaghetti ). Am I a vegan? No. I am not. Will I be able to tell you why vegans don't consume not only meat, but also dairy products? To a certain extent and most probably, if I am not mistaken, due to health reasons and perhaps I should also include religionism as well. For me personally, anything goes except beef and exotic meat. What about vegan food? Actually, come to think of it, I don't mind every now and then. Nothing wrong right? Of course not. After all, food is food, and even if its vegan dish, like this Vegan Tofu ( Mapo Tofu   & Tofu Katsu ) Sambal, trust me, we don't compromise on food deliciousness.