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Acha Curry House - Jalan Gasing, Petaling Jaya

Achar Curry House. Frequented during our Petaling Jaya mayhem years, perhaps every few months once. Thereafter, once we moved to a far away land, actually, not really that far, but driving from Shah Alam to Petaling Jaya sometimes can be a killer. Traffic jam. The killer of our life now, I sincerely, to tell you the truth, hate being stuck in jam. On this day, so happened that we were within the same area where Achar Curry House is for catching up with a close friend of ours. Of course, our Malaysian custom of meeting friends must include eating together, so, we mutually agreed to "lets do the digging in with fingers banana leaf lunch". Dining in Achar Curry House does come with one single good perk. Parking. If not, right in front, there's quite a big open air parking across. Not sure if you have to pay, we didn't on this Saturday.