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Kenchin Jiru

Quite an achievement I have to say. So far so good with Japanese dishes. After three dishes ( Japanesse Eggplant Saute ,  Simmered Daikon &  Teppanyaki Salmon )? Look, I am not saying I know it all nor I am pro. But I have picked up the vital Japanese cooking tips by myself and I must credit those tv cooking programs as well. Then again, what can different for a Japanese soup but those customary Japanese ingredients? You tell me. Don't you think the ingredients potentially can be either miso paste, mirin, dashi stock/powder and sake? Or even Japanese soy sauce, garlic and ginger which took a back step for this Kenchin Jiru Soup. Kenchin Jiru Soup by the way is a vegetable soup ( Onion Soup & Lentil Vegetable Soup ) and obviously the Japanese way to a vegetarian soup ( Chinese Vegetarian Noodle Soup  &  Vegetarian Chinese Winter Melon Soup ).