Sunday, June 2, 2013

Avocado Mint Dip With Fresh Salad

Its been quite a hectic week full of family functions one after the other. No doubt great catching up with the immediate and long lost relatives. Yet I've concluded that no matter what, some people never change. They have to brag about themselves and directly or indirectly show off their car(s) and must let you know how big the house is. Well, you can't change people neither can you avoid your relatives. Best thing to do is to greet, to smile and don't stand any close to them. Or else you have to knock your head on the wall or your ears will drop off. 

Despite such relatives, there were great ones too. Those as crazy and open-minded like me. Of course my other half included too. We had fun, we laughed our hearts out and saying goodbye was sort of sentimental. Food at functions means  eating mutton, chicken, nasi briyani and lots of other rich dishes. Logically instead of feeling guilty, its good to turn back the health. I couldn't think of any other except this avocado dip teamed with fresh salad. The fried chicken bacon is optional but I had to use up before expiring. The dip didn't turn out as green as those showcased by others. Maybe because I used mayonnaise. 

For the dip
1 medium size avocado - remove skin and seed and diced.
1/2 tbsp mayonnaise
1/2 handful mint leaves
2 tbsp olive oil
Salt and pepper for taste

For the salad
Salad leaves
Red capsicum - remove seeds and sliced thinly
Cucumber - sliced into long thin stripes
Tomato - sliced thinly
2-3 pieces chicken bacon - fried till crispy and cut into small pieces
Add all the ingredients for the dip into the processor/blend.
Pulse till smooth and creamy.
Scoop into a serving bowl.
Gently mix up the ingredients for the salad with a pinch of salt.
Serve with the dip and some crackers.
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  1. What a healthy and colorful salad, the avocado must taste heavenly! :)

  2. Ohh those self-indulgent people!! Phew, cannot be near them and cannot avoid them either.
    Also today you went all Zen by saying some striking life quotes:
    1)Allow the braggers to impress those who will be impressed.
    2)Success is about being humble and simple.
    So very true!

    There is a beautiful saying by Pissarro which kinda summarizes your point: "Blessed are those who see beautiful things in humble places where other people see nothing." :)

    About the food: I love the peachy green color of the dip, I'm sure it tasted yum!!! Very colorful palette.

  3. Yes I do agree with you that success being humble and simple.....
    Besides that sometime it is very annoyed when relatives ask all your personal matters...ur salary what type of house you are staying and etc

  4. looks so fresh and deliciously enticing...mouthwatering stuff!

  5. I do agree with you. Some likes to yak and yak and tak though nobody asked their opinion. So what if they have big car hiuse and know this dato and that tan sri. On the day yhey "go" they can't bring all these with them

  6. Boastful people are a BIG turn off.. It's annoying listening to them.. Most of the time, I don't even say anything and just stare at the person talking. And just nod in the end. You cannot argue with them.. Most of the time I feel if they ever think about somebody else except for themselves.. Better to avoid such people..

    I simple love avocado’s especially when they are nicely ripe.. Loved the cute colour of the dip.. Very tempting Nava :-)

  7. I can imagine Nava what it is to meet people like this. Well ignorance is bliss.
    You dip looks delicious. That so healthy

  8. What a vibrant salad and cool dip...the pic itself made me feel fresh!!!

  9. Yummy! I will certainly love this! Though will skip the mayo:D

  10. Very healthy dip.. Avocado and mint both are my favourites.. I am going to try it..

  11. Lovely delicious Avocado dip, very beautiful click....

    Sometimes people can never be changed...

  12. We learned in the life which hands v want to hold n which to shake. I learned it very hard way. I am all for dressing, I might crush one jalapeno in it too.

  13. Oh yes, after heavy party food you need to give rest to your stomach with cool crisp salad and what a great idea to serve avocado dip with, with mint it sounds quite fantastic.

  14. Well said Nava, success isn't about wealth alone. It’s about being humble and simple. It's very true. Sorry for not stopping by. The last few weeks I was not feeling well. Due to the unstable weather conditions, it makes me literally falls sick. :(

    I love avocado, I know it's pretty expensive here. But we get these fruits very cheap in Sri Lanka. Lovely dip for crackers.

  15. what a vibrant colorful salad..always love avocado dishes..they are my best friend..

  16. Great blog.. I love salads, im trying this for sure..

    May be we can follow each other...

  17. Oh, I can understand that. Hate to socialize with such people but there are some occasions that can't be helped.:( Your food looks lovely! Makes me want to dig in! Hope your week goes well...

  18. Hi you have a Very Nice Blog. . .
    what about we follow each other? let me know :)

  19. Those kind of people make me want to scream! Ugh, pretentiousness is such a horrible quality!
    But on a nicer note, this looks most refreshing and delicious :)

    Choc Chip Uru

  20. Wow what a healthy n yummy dip... Lively and lovely clicks too

  21. That looks very healthy. I should include it in my diet plan.

  22. well written post:) some people can never be changed....dip and the salad looks yummy

  23. oh, avocado--is there anything you can't do? the silky texture of this looks great, and i happen to be a big fan of mint. :)

  24. i love salad but in japanese sauce :)

  25. I sooo want to try this creamy dip...Looks delicious..

  26. Hi Nava, oh my.... this look so refreshing and appetizing. Lovely colour, great for light lunch. Thanks for sharing the recipe.

    Have a wonderful week ahead.

  27. Healthy & refreshing salad.Looks very yummy.But being a vegetarian i can't have it.

  28. I so agree with you Nava. In life we meet with all kinds of people. While there exists some artificial ones, the world is full of good people too. The dip looks amazing. And the salad, healthy & refreshing...just what you want after days of eating at gatherings and functions.

  29. I agree totally, I feel so too, more than relatives I make good company with friends becoz I hate the way how the relatives brag and feel envious about their same kind :O But its good to meet such people too, we get to learn more ;) btw lovely lip-smacking dip nice clicks too :)

  30. Delicious dip with fresh salad...looks so yumm dear !!


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