Saturday, April 17, 2010

Restaurant Super Kitchen Chilli Pan Mee, SS2

Malaysians sure love their chillies – which explains the popularity of chilli pan mee (flat noodles). Restaurant Super Kitchen has grown and now there are now five outlets (three in Selangor and two in KL).My first encounter with chilli pan mee was at their KL branch (off Jalan Tunku Abdul Rahman) and yes, the chilli numbed all taste sensation for a while. You sweat. You get a little teary-eyed. You struggle to finish the meal through the spiciness. And yet, you return for more!

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon

Tom Yam. I think, we all know what is tom yam? What is tom yam by the way? Tom yam is a Thai paste and not the name of any particular Thai dish mind you. Of course, with tom yam paste, you can coin various types of Thai dishes. Whether you make the paste or you use store-bought tom yam paste. Actually, come to think of it, ready made tom yam paste is quite good. I have tried a few types, of course between these, there are some of my favourites, and overall store bought tom paste is the way to cutting short your time in your kitchen. In fact, store bought tom yam paste showed me the way to this Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon. Fantastic! Once mee hoon is fried alongside the ingredients listed below and tom yam paste, of course the scent of kaffir lime leaves is just so loved by your truly and Tom Yam Fried Mee Hoon. Lemme me repeat again. Fantastic. The Thai style to fried mee hoon

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Nyonya Delights Cafe - Aeon, Bukit Tinggi, Klang

Shopping obviously was the main reason why we were in Aeon Bukit Tinggi. And shopping by far, seemingly is like in tandem to eating right? I know. Each time we are out shopping, we must eat before heading home. On this particular day, right. Shopping concluded and then, which eatery it should be. Somehow, strange, both of agreeing to Nyonya Delights instead of? No, no, I am not going to speak about the dilemmas and debates we can have if we are not agreeable. Thank god. No dispute whatsoever. No long face of mine or his. Instead, into Nyonya Delights Cafe.  

Friday, April 9, 2010

Assam Fish Curry

Most probably, if I am not mistaken or as far as I know and according to my Malaysian palates, Assam Fish Curry must be branded as our Malay dish. Of course, there is also the Chinese style to Assam Fish Curry, but this my version, definitely is how the Malays will cook. My favourite. I don't only love saltiness (Kangkung Belacan), I also love sourness (Fried Kembung with Assam Sauce). And within the food context of this Assam Fish Curry, sourness from assam keping (dried tamarind pieces). Of course, you can use any other tamarind, no harm done. As long as sourness, you will do fine. Assam Fish Curry? Cooked to the right texture fish in a spicy, sour and Malaysian herbs scented curry, alongside brinjal.

Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Ah Koong Eating House - USJ Taipan, Subang Jaya

Supposedly the noodle pride in Taipan which was given a high recommendation. By our Chinese friend and he sort of insisting we must try Ah Koong Eating House. The eating house to various types of noodle dishes. Not the standard menu kinda thing like in other noodle eateries. In Ah Koong (non-halal ), you have the liberty to mixing and matching. Mixing and matching? Indeed. Your choice to the type of noodles and the toppings. Toppings basically are fish based items, thrown in pork items as well. Quite a long stretch of varieties mind you and the ordering is done right in front where the cooking also takes place. To order, stand in the queue, point or tell them what you want before you make your way into the air-conditioned dining area. 

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Kangkung Belacan

I have already introduce to you Kampung Fried Rice/Nasi Goreng Kampung? Today, its another one of our Malaysian dish. A veg dish. Kangkung Belacan or water spinach stir fried with belacan. What is belacan? Shrimps fermented in salt. Like petai (Sambal Bilis Petai), you either learn to digest the smell and taste of belacan, or no matter how hard you try, its still a no-go for belacan. Up to you. After all? What is a food pleasure to one, may not necessarily be for others. But for this typical Malaysian lady? Belacan. No way I can say no to belacan though you can't eat belacan just like that. Belacan is actually one of our Malaysian cooking ingredients. A tiny bit definitely goes a long way due to its saltiness and when cooked alongside the rest of the needed ingredients like for this Kangkung Belacan, oh-my. Malaysian hunger throne. Just kangkung belacan and a plate of rice? A major food deal personally for me.

Friday, April 2, 2010

Noodle Station, Mid Valley Megamall

Located a floor below the cinema and the same level as Reject Shop in Mid Valley Megamall, Noodle Station is well, a place for noodle lovers. If you are looking for a quick meal that’s not located at the food court, this place is an alternative.
Simple dishes with various accompaniment is available. The price ranges between RM5 to RM15 (usually with dishes that come with abalone). So if you order the regular-priced bowl of noodles, you would probably spend less than if you would at say, Carl’s Jr.

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